Collectible Automobile 1989 October 1967-81 Pontiac Firebird Nash Hudson Plymout

Collectible Automobile 1989 October 1967-81 Pontiac Firebird Nash Hudson Plymout

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Collectible Automobile 1989 October 1967-81 Pontiac Firebird Nash Hudson Plymout
Collectible Automobile 1989 October
Page Eight
1955-57 Nash and Hudson: The Final Fling
After Nash and Hudson merged to form American Motors on May 1, 1954, it took a crash program to update the big Nash and create a new Nash-based Hudson. The results have been debated ever since, but the fact is that 1955-57 was the final fling for the two once-great marques. Richard M. Langworth tells the sad tale.
Page Twenty-Six
Photo Feature: 1953 Die Valkyrie
Back in the Fifties, a person could still drive something very special if he knew where to go-and had plenty of money. A Cleveland real estate baron who qualified went to industrial designer Brooks Stevens to have him create Die Valkyrie, a striking four-seat convertible based on Cadillac's modern chassis and V-8.
Page Thirty
1967-81 Pontiac Firebird: Action, Power, Beauty, and Youth
Ford's Mustang created such a sensation in 1964 that Chevrolet had to respond with a ponycar of its own. And if Chevy was to have one, so too would Pontiac. But even though the Firebird shared its body with the Camaro, its heart was pure Pontiac. Jim Smart follows the saga of the first- and second-generation Firebirds.
Page Fifty-Six
Photo Feature: 1936 Packard Twelve Gentlemen's Tailback Speedster
By the mid-Thirties, most custom coachbuilders had gone out of business. But Fernandez and Darrin were still operating in Paris, and in 1935 they created a Gentlemen's Tailback Speedster on a Packard Twelve chassis. Their one-off was shrouded in mystery for many years.
Page Sixty
1953-54 Skylark: Buick's Once and Future Flagship
Everyone, it seemed, needed a flagship in 1953. Packard, Kaiser, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac all had one. And for its Golden Anniversary year, so did Buick. Poetically called the Skylark, it was billed as "the answer to the European sports car." Michael Richards covers its short, memorable flight.

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