Collectible Automobile 1989 December 1961-64 Chevy Impala Hupmobile Dodge Polara

Collectible Automobile 1989 December 1961-64 Chevy Impala Hupmobile Dodge Polara

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Collectible Automobile 1989 December 1961-64 Chevy Impala Hupmobile Dodge Polara
Collectible Automobile 1989 December
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1961-64 Chevrolet Impala/SS: "Ride, Room and Zoom"
After some close sales races in the Fifties, Chevy handily beat Ford in 1960 and took 25 percent of the new-car market to boot. Chevy soon upped that to 30 percent and remained decisively in the lead. These records came largely via the strength of the big Chevys- the Impala and the SS-as B.T. Van Kirk relates.
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1937 Pontiac DeLuxe Eight Convertible Sedan
The Pontiac Six bowed in 1926 as Oakland's companion make, but it was so successful that its parent was dropped in 1931. An Eight and independent front suspension debuted for 1933, the "Turret Top" and "Silver Streaks" for '35. In 1937, Pontiac offered one of the prettiest soft top sedans to grace the American road.
Page Thirty-Six
Hupmobile in the Thirties: A New Car for a New Era"
Hupmobile, founded in 1909, enjoyed its most prosperous years in the late Twenties. The company expanded, but even before the stock market crashed in late 1929, sales had begun to decline. Weathering the Depression quickly became Hupmobile's most urgent priority. Karl S. Zahm tells how Hupp fared in the Thirties.
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1961 Dodge Polara D-500 Convertible
For 1961 Dodge consolidated its upmarket models into a single Polara series-"the finest of everything Dodge." Wagons aside, the $3252 soft top was the costliest model offered. Some critics berated the styling-the reverse-slant fins in particular-but everyone loved the get-up-and-go of the optional 325-bhp D-500 V-8.
Page Fifty-Six
1956-57 Lincoln: Truly Large and Spacious...Lithe and Graceful Too"
The 1952-55 "Road Race Lincolns" won races; Cadillac won buyers. For 1956, Lincoln set out to meet Caddy head on with a larger, more imposing car. Tim Howley explains that its award-winning styling helped Lincoln move from one-fifth to one-third of Cadillac's sales.

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