Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books w/ DJ
Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books w/ DJ
Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books w/ DJ
Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books w/ DJ

Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books w/ DJ

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Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books w/ DJ
Cleveland Trolleys In color by Edward A Ridolph Morning Sun Books
Hard Cover w/ dust jacket
128 pages
Copyright 2011
Cleveland Transit System 4
East Side Lines8-23
West Side Lines 24-59
Odds And Ends 60-63
Shaker Heights Rapid Transit64
Main Line 65-74
Van Aken Division 75-86
Shaker Boulevard 87-106
The Light Rail Era 107-116
The Best Of The Rest117-122
Cleveland Rapid Transit123-128
Although Cleveland, Ohio, has long been one of America's major cities, and the local streetcar company that once blanketed the city with a coordinated network of rail lines was at one time one of the largest and most progressive traction systems in the country, it has not often been seen entirely in color. This is also true of Cleveland's "other" system, which has admirably served, and continues to serve, the suburb of Shaker Heights. Several fine works have been done on Cleveland's transit history, and Jim Toman's excellent study of the Shaker Heights operation was published in 1990, more than 20 years ago. However, since that time Cleveland's two electric transit systems have appeared together in color primarily in a section of Robert Halperin's Great Lakes Trolleys In Color, published by Morning Sun Books in 2004. For that reason, Bob Yanosey, publisher of Morning Sun Books, felt it was now time to take a long look at Cleveland's once extensive electric traction network, and to see both systems in the varied and vibrant colors that were once common on the city's many streetcars.
The work of numerous photographers is presented in the following pages, and all deserve a big vote of gratitude. First is Jim Spangler, a lifelong resident of the Cleveland area and an expert on the city's traction heritage. Jim was trackside with his camera during the last several years of CTS streetcar service, shooting in full color, and at the same time he also filmed, in color, operations on the neighboring Shaker Heights system. Th( results of his work appear throughout this book. Needless to say, without Jim's foresight and generosity, this book would have been fa more difficult.
Another well known name in the traction fraternity is Cleveland native Bill Vigrass, who was also out with his color camera during the final days of CTS streetcar operation, and who gladly shared some of those long vanisher scenes with us. In addition, Bill volunteered tr proof read the manuscript, and his extensive knowledge of his city's traction heritage insured the final product would be accurate. Bob Korach, former CTS Superintendent of Schedules, also reviewed the manuscript, making suggestions and checking for accuracy. That information both gentlemen furnished was most valuable. If any errors did creep in, however, they are strictly the responsibility of the author.
Blaine Hays of the Northern Ohio Railway Museum furnished not only his personal views of the of the Shaker Heights lines, he also contributed some rarely seen views of the CTS taken by the late Russ Schram, which are not in the collection of the NORM. In addition Blaine's extensive knowledge of the Cleveland transit scene helped answer some otherwise difficult questions regarding various operating features.
Dave McKay, whose work is now part of the Morning Sun Books collection, spent many hours along the Shaker Heights lines, photographing the cars at different locations and at different seasons over the years. The results can be seen throughout the Shaker Heights section of this book.
We also have a number of very interesting views taken by the late Jim Buckley between 1947 and 1954, which show a variety of CTS cars in various locations around the system. They now repose in the collection of California traction author P. Allen Copeland, who generously made them available for publication. In addition we want to thank Ohio native Cliff Scholes, who also contributed  a number of scenes from his large collection, some showing the CTS, and even more which feature a variety of Shaker Heights cars in different locations and at different times. Another thank you goes to Rich Krisak, who donated most of the memorabilia which appears herein. Finally, thanks to photographers Robert Blatt, Joseph Canfield, Lawson Hill (and the Boston Chapter of the NRHS), Al Holtz, James Marcus, William Rapelye, and William Rosenberg, all of whom made major contributions, which are most appreciated, toward the finished product.
Thanks to all the above for making this work possible, and especially to Bob Yanosey of Morning Sun Books, who originally conceived the idea of a Cleveland study, furnished many of the slides that helped illustrate it, and then carried the project through to final publication.

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