Century of Service, A The Puget Power Story by Wing, Cumbow & Springer SoftCover

Century of Service, A The Puget Power Story by Wing, Cumbow & Springer SoftCover

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Century of Service, A The Puget Power Story by Wing, Cumbow & Springer SoftCover
Century of Service, A The Puget Power Story by Robert C Wing, Robert C Cumbow & Julie Springer   1886-1986
178 pages
Copyright 1987
CHAPTER 1 In the beginning there was light2
CHAPTER 2 The thrill of victory - the agony of defeat10
CHAPTER 3 Stone & Webster: Charge!20
CHAPTER 4 Riding the Iron Horse: Till the cars come home26
CHAPTER 5 Puget Power comes of age40
CHAPTER 6 Sell, build, sell, build52
CHAPTER 7 The gathering storm64
CHAPTER 8 Penalized for holding: The Feds blow the whistle 76
CHAPTER 9 City of two tales84
CHAPTER 10 The lively corpse94
CHAPTER 11 Here a kilowatt, there a kilowatt108
CHAPTER 12 Turning points122
CHAPTER 13 Sand in the works - Arab style136
CHAPTER 14 New realities: The future is now150
Bibliography  167
Photography Index   176
Thomas Edison's invention of the incandescent lamp in 799 opened the door for the practical application of electricity to homes and shops as well as industries. Public acceptance was immediate, and a whole new array of business opportunities were born. It is not surprising, then, that in 1987 many electric utility companies in the United States can trace their origins back about a hundred years. In western Washington, however, it is unusual for any company or institution to be able to claim that sort of durability. In 1885-87 Washington was still a territory, still completing the transition from a way station for adventurers and opportunists to a stable community of settlers and builders worthy of statehood.
The demonstrated durability of Puget Sound Power & Light is doubly remarkable in that it had to survive first the rigors of a frontier beginning, and later an adversarial political climate that was, on a national scale, uniquely threatening. But Puget Power did not just survive. It grew with the area it serves, to become the largest electric utility in the state of Washington. It continues to grow, adapting its services to the needs of customers and its operations to an ever-changing business climate. This survival and continuing growth is a credit to the tenacity, integrity, and dedication of its employees, past and present.
To these individuals, this book is gratefully dedicated.
This story of Puget Power is not a chronological diary of dates, places and events. For those interested in that sort of detail, the volumes of data that an investor-owned, publicly-regulated utility must file with the State, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and other agencies, are readily available.
In addition, a very workmanlike company documentary has been published: Among the Live Wires by Arthur Kramer, a long-time employee now retired.
A Century of Service tells the story of Puget Power in a different way, recounting pivotal events and critical situations through which the "corporate ship" has been navigated in the past. For those employees now retired, it should serve as one more reaffirmation of jobs well done. For those who are carrying on now, and still others who will complete the second "Century of Service," we hope this account will serve as an inspiration, as they read of the dedication to customers and investors that their predecessors have demonstrated.
Finally, we hope this account will be a permanent record of the colorful, action-packed drama of the electric utility business, and a lasting reminder of what we mean when we say: The Energy Starts Here.

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