Canadian Treasures Two Trains Across Canada by Geoffrey Doughty Soft Cover 2002

Canadian Treasures Two Trains Across Canada by Geoffrey Doughty Soft Cover 2002

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Canadian Treasures Two Trains Across Canada by Geoffrey Doughty Soft Cover 2002
Canadian Treasures Two Trains Across Canada by Geoffrey Doughty Soft Cover 2002   100 pages
It seems that traveling "in style," or what was once known and generally accepted as "First Class," has become a lost art form. If it has not, it is reserved in limited quantities for special occasions, such as an anniversary, or a sightseeing trip. Most "luxury" travel today is done aboard cruise ships to exotic ports, or to less exotic but equally interesting ports of call. If you can afford the tariff, it can be a wonderful getaway. Fewer people take the train, though, but only because of the scarcity of luxury trains and there are fewer places to be seen which can command a plentiful and steady supply of potential customers. One exception is the Canadian Rockies.
Traveling through the Canadian Rockies by train is nothing new-it has been happening for more than 100 years. What is amazing, however, is that today-a time when general passenger train service is struggling to survive in both America and Canada-one can still take a train "in style" reminiscent of the great trains of the immediate postwar era, a time that many of us still remember. Often overlooked is that in the process one can sample a part of Canadian history along the way, little of which is known by those of us who live beyond the Canadian border. It is a rich history and it is worth knowing.
For someone such as myself who grew up in the 1950s and whose early train riding experiences were made aboard the Pullman-Standard and Budd passenger cars belonging to such railroads as the New York Central, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Burlington & Quincy during the postwar years, the opportunity of traveling on a transcontinental train made up of 1950s-era designed sleepers, diners, and dome cars in a First-Class tradition was one not to be passed up. These opportunities don't often present themselves, and when they do, one has to act quickly. Furthermore, this was one opportunity of a lifetime, for several reasons. The first was that Herb and Dorothy, my father and mother-in-law, were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and being sensitive about their mortality in their early 70s, both decided that this was something they had always wanted to do- travel across Canada by train.
A second reason was that for years my wife, Pam, had wanted to take a trip with her parents as an adult, and since she also had always wanted to take the train across Canada, this seemed to be the right moment. Naturally, there was little persuasion needed on my part. As children in our later years, we have a different perspective about our parents. They have made sacrifices for us and many don't fully appreciate all that they have done until it is too late. This was an opportunity to spend time together which would create those memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. We'll never regret it. Every child should be so fortunate.
Spending a week with in-laws away from familiar surroundings could be a daunting experience for some, but not for me. Herb and Dorothy are great traveling companions and we were ready for the adventure by train, which by all accounts held the promise of being a wonderful experience. The fact that the two trains exceeded our greatest expectations seemed, in retrospect, a marvel in this day and age when mediocrity is elevated to a higher standard by what has become generally accepted as "advertising hype." Considering also that the trip included brief stays and visits at some of the world's most famous hotels only made the trip that much more worthwhile.
These two trains, the Canadian and the Rocky Mountaineer, and the Fairmont-CP Hotels, are still in operation and will continue as long as those high standards of First-Class service are maintained by the companies and employees which operate them. They are a credit to Canada and to its citizens, and nobody should wait until they are retired to experience two of the greatest train trips in the world. This is Canada by train. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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