Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6 by DM Bain  Baniff to Calgary Soft Cover
Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6 by DM Bain  Baniff to Calgary Soft Cover
Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6 by DM Bain  Baniff to Calgary Soft Cover

Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6 by DM Bain Baniff to Calgary Soft Cover

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Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6 by DM Bain Baniff to Calgary Soft Cover
Canadian Pacific in the Rockies Vol 6 by DM Bain
Soft Cover   stapled
26 pages
Copyright 1980
Banff to Calgary Map
No 3262
No 447
No 5264
No 5261 & No 5758 & No 3681
No 5259
No 527
No 103
No 5920 assisting No 5463
An unidentified N2 2-8-0
Nos 582 & 478
No 5462
No 5933
Connaught Tunnel No 5917
Connaught Tunnel No 5834
No 2595
British Columbia Canada No 2860
No 8008
No 5864
No 8719, No 8677, No 8712, & No 8554
No 8681 & 8492
No 4442
No 1867
No 4204
No 4436
No 112
The sixth volume of what has been aptly described as this book on the installment plan" has proven to be the most enjoyable one to prepare so far. For some reason, the words seemed to flow very easily and our original fears that future volumes would be extremely difficult to produce because of a lack of things to write about have proven to be groundless. In many cases, the problem is confining myself to the 500 words that can be squeezed into each caption. That such information is available is a tribute to the many people who know so much about the Canadian Pacific Railway and who are willing to share their knowledge with others. Among these generous people are Omer Lavalland his assistant James Shields of Canadian Pacific's Corporate Archives in Montreal. Although considerably overworked dealing with what are no doubt interesting but frequently obscure questions, they never fail to do their best to obtain all available information. Omer's forte is the railway's locomotives and some of his encyclopaedic knowledge is about to be published in his definitive work "Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives". For the first time all the major statistical data covering the railway's fleet of 3257 steam locomotives will be available in one publication and this will certainly help in the preparation of our works and, no doubt, improve their accuracy.
James Shields' interest in the railway is primarily in its cars and his knowledge of this subject is nothing short of phenomenal. During the initial stage of Volume Six, I visited Montreal and showed Omer and Jim the photographs that have been incorporated into the work. Omer pointed to the ornamental grill work that can be seen on page 12 and asked Jim, "What car's that?" The reply "Nanoose" amazed me - how can anyone recognize a car from such a small (and out of focus) piece of evidence?
One other fear that we had in the early days of this series was that we might run out of suitable photographs. As previously recorded, we had only five remaining photographs that could be published when we went to press with Volume One and all of those used were obtained from Canadian Pacific. This led to an extremely unfavourable review in a Canadian enthusiasts' magazine where the need for the work was questioned as it was stated that all the pictures had been published previously. Funnily enough, Nick Morant, who took 24 of the 25 photographs used in Volume One, mentioned this right at the beginning of our project and he said that he thought we should include other photographers' works in future volumes. At that time, we had no appropriate photographs taken by other people but happily Volume One was the vehicle which stimulated other photographers to contact us and, if the various volumes are studied, it will be seen that there has been a considerable reduction in the number of Canadian Pacific shots. This does not mean that there are no acceptable photographs remaining in the Canadian Pacific files - there are, and recently we ordered many prints from this source including the cover shot for Volume Seven. But the overall reduction in the number of Canadian Pacific shots does indicate the many alternative sources of photographs that are now available. Some of these have been in the most unlikely places. In May of this year I was lucky enough to be in Britain on business and so was able to visit the "Rocket 150" celebration at Rainhill near Liverpool. Thirty locomotives were in steam and the procession will long remain one of my most treasured memories. On the way back to London I was talking to the gentleman sitting opposite me in the train - almost unheard of in Britain - and showed him copies of the first four volumes. He asked if the name G. H. Soole meant anything to me and to his surprise it did as Soole wrote an article for a long defunct railroad magazine called "The Enthusiast" in the mid-1930's. This dealt with two locomotives, S2a 2-10-2 No. 5810 and T1 a 2-10-4 No. 5902, heading the "Dominion" from Field up the Big Hill to Stephen. Canadian Pacific was so taken with this work that it was reprinted in their 1937 publication

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