British Steam Since 1900 by W.A. Tuplin Soft Cover 1969 Pan Books

British Steam Since 1900 by W.A. Tuplin Soft Cover 1969 Pan Books

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British Steam Since 1900 by W.A. Tuplin Soft Cover 1969 Pan Books
British Steam Since 1900 by W.A. Tuplin
207 Pages
Copyright 1969
Soft Cover
By W.A. Tuplin
This book was written primarily for the amateur student and the enthusiastic admirer of the steam locomotive rather than for the professional locomotive engineer. It has been made possible by many years of observation of locomotives and railway working from the outside, by study of the voluminous literature, by knowledge gained from conversations with rail, and from journeys, mostly illicit, on engines in service.
In recent years some revelations by retired railwaymen of what went on behind the scenes in design, construction and operation of railway locomotives are barely credible by the man-in-the-street but not surprising to those acquainted with the incongruities in any large technical organization. Uncomadherence to old practices regardless of the known existence of far superior ones is not peculiar to railway work and it would be idle to pretend that it never existed. At the other extreme, unashamed utilization of what was succeeding elsewhere took Great Western locomotive practice very nearly to the ultimate ideal in one step, some twenty-five years ahead of the rest of Great Britain.
On most British railways the chief mechanical engineer was responsible for design of the locomotives and it is traditional to attach his name to those designed whilst he was in charge. This does not necessarily mean, however, that he did any of the designing himself, as he had many other things to do. Some C M Es took an active part in design, while others lacked time or ability to do so; every CME had to rely largely on technical staff to produce workable designs and drawings. Elsewhere in the organization were men who made engines and men who made them go. Communication and cooperation between the three groups was not ideal on every railway.
1 Introductory1
z General Development41
3 Some Constructional Features6o
4 More than Two Cylinders8o
5 More than Ten Wheels98
6 Post-grouping Changes1o2
7 British Steam in Action123
8 Conclusion145
x British Railways, Grouped and Pre-grouped 164
2 Dimensions of Locomotives168
3 Graded Performances of Locomotives188
4 Coal Consumption192
5 Average Mileage between Successive
General Repairs194
6 Bibliography196

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