British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover

British Steam Railway Locomotive, The Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover

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British Steam Railway Locomotive, The Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925 Hard Cover
British Steam Railway Locomotive, The    Volume 1 From 1825 to 1925
By EL Ahrons
Hard Cover  
391 pages
Copyright 1966 Third Reprint
First Stockton and Darlington Rly. locomotives-Wilson's four-cylinder locomotive Stephenson's "Experiment"-Hackworth's engine "Royal George"-The blast pipe.
II 1828-31 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .   .   .     .   .   .   .   .   9-17
Engines with inclined cylinders-"The Lancashire Witch"-Stephenson's six-coupled engine "Rocket", S. & D. Rly.-Stephenson's locomotives for France, 1828-29-Hackworth's six-coupled engine "Victory"-Later engines of the Killingworth and Wylam types, 1829-31-Liverpool and Manchester Rly.: Rainhill trials, "The Rocket" -T. Hackworth's "Sanspareil"Braithwaite' s and Ericsson's "Novelty"-A comparison between "The Rocket" and the "Sanspareil"-Later engines of the "Rocket" type-Braithwaite and Ericsson's "William the Fourth"-Canterbury and Whitstable Rly. "Invicta".
III 1830-37 ... ... 18-32
Three Schools of Locomotive Engineers-Bury's 0-4-0 engine "Liverpool"-Stephenson's 2-2-0 engine "Planet"-Hackworth's 'Globe"-Stephenson's 0-4-0 goods engine, 1831Rothwell and Hicks's 2-2-0 engine, 1832-Stephenson's six-wheeled engines-Goods engines, 0-4-2 and 0-6-0 type-Bogie locomotives-Hackworth's engines with vertical cylindersForrester's engines with outside horizontal cylinders-Hawthorn's "Comet" and "Planet" type locomotives-Short stroke locomotives.
IV 1837-41 ... ... ... ... ... 33-47
Bury's bar-framed locomotives-The 2-2-2 passenger engine-Boilers-Fire-box roof stays-Boiler fittings-Frames-Motion details-Miscellaneous details-Coupled engines with inside cylinders-Outside cylinder engines-Norris American built engines-John Gray's express engines with mixed frames-Tank engines-Broad gauge engines, Great Western Rly., 1837-42-Early engines, 1837-38-Stephenson's "Star" Class-D. Gooch's engines-Outside sandwich frames on the G.W.R.
V 1841-45 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 48-64
Stockton and Darlington Rly. and later Hackworth engines-Bury type engines-Standard engines with inside cylinders--The "Crewe" type of outside cylinder locomotive-Stephenson's long boiler engines-Stockton and Darlington Rly. long boiler passenger engines-Long boiler goods engines-The 0-6-0 engine with outside cylinders-Banking engines-Balanced locomotives-Bodmer's locomotives-Constructional details.
Fuel consumption-speeds.
VII 1846-49 ... ... ... ... 68-85
Gooch's Great Western Rly. broad gauge engines, 1846-49-Outside cylinder Crampton locomotives-Other express engines of special types-Three-cylinder engine-"Standard" passenger engines, inside cylinders-Outside cylinders-Four wheels coupled passenger engines-Goods locomotives-Goods engines with outside cylinders: Scottish types-Passenger tank engines-Steam motor coaches.
VIII 1849-55 ... ... ... ... ... 86-112
Intermediate driving shaft locomotive-Uniflow locomotives-Compound locomotives-Passenger tank locomotives with single driving wheels-Express engines-Mixed traffic 0-4-2 engines-Six wheels coupled goods engines-Tank engines with coupled wheels-Engine brakes-Broad gauge tank locomotives-Bristol and Exeter Rly. broad gauge double bogie express tank engines-Miscellaneous details of construction, 1846-55.
IX 1855-59 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 113-127
2-2-2 express engines, inside cylinders-2-2-2 engines, outside cylinders-Four wheels coupled express engines-Other four wheels coupled engines-Four-coupled mineral engines-BogiesTank engines with leading bogies-Other four-coupled tank engines-Passenger tank engines with six wheels coupled--O-6-0 goods engines-Neilson's single-cylinder locomotive-Details.
X LOCOMOTIVE PERFORMANCES, 1845-59 ... ... 128-136
G.W.R. broad and standard gauge engines-Coal burning-Locomotive fuel, 1825-50-Hall's system of smoke consuming-Dewrance's double fire-box-Air inducing steam jetsMcConnell's boiler-Beattie's boiler-Cudworth's fire-box-Other coal burning systems-Coal consumption and evaporation-Welsh coal burning in locomotives.
European Railways-Twin tank engines by R. Stephenson & Co. for the Giovi incline, Italy-2-4-2 passenger tender engine-Bogie locomotives for abroad-Locomotives for Egypt-Locomotives for British Colonies-Locomotives for India.
XII 1860-65 ... ... ... 143-166
2-2-2 express engines, outside cylinders-2-2-2 express engines with inside cylinders-2-4-0 express engines-Passenger engines with leading bogies-Passenger tank engines-Four wheels coupled goods engines-Six-coupled goods engines-Tank engines for steep gradients-Eight wheels coupled tank engines-Sturrock's steam tenders-Frames-Radial and other axle-boxes with lateral movement-Bogies.
XIII 1866-69 ... ... ... ... 167-184
Express engines with "single" driving wheels-Four-coupled engines-Four-coupled mixed traffic engines-Four-coupled passenger tank engines-Six wheels coupled tender engines-Six wheels coupled tank engines-Six-coupled passenger tank engines-Locomotives for Ireland and overseas, 1860-69-India-Other locomotives for overseas.
XIV 1870-75 ... ... ... ... ... 185-209
Express engines with "single" driving wheels-Single v. coupled engines-Express engines, 2-4-0 type-4-4-0 express engines-Passenger tank engines with six wheels coupled-Goods engines, 0-6-0 type-Main line goods tank engines-Details-Counter pressure braking.
XV 1876-81 ... ... ...... 210-227
2-2-2 express engines-4-2-2 express engines-2-4-0 express engines-Leading bogies-4-4-0 engines with inside cylinders-4-4-0 engines with outside cylinders-Engines of the 0-4-2 type-Main line tank engines-Four-coupled tank engines for local traffic-Six-coupled passenger tank engines-Goods engines, 0-6-0 type-Goods engines, 2-6-0 type-Single Fairlie passenger tank engine-Small shunting engine.
1855-79 ... ... ... .. ... 228-236
Great Western Rly.-Great Eastern Rly.-South Eastern Rly.-Great Northern Rly.-Early records-Speeds at the Newark brake trials-London and North Western Rly., 1876-79-South Eastern Rly.-Great Northern Rly., 1875-79-Midland Rly., 1874-79.
Ireland-Continental European locomotives-Other engines for overseas-Metre gauge locomotives-Indian Railways-Hall's cranks.
Webb's first compound locomotives--The genesis of the three-cylinder compound-The "Experiment" of 1882-The "Compound" class of 1883-84-"Dreadnought" class-"Teutonic" class-Advantages of Webb's three-cylinder system-Defects of Webb's three-cylinder compound system-Performances of Webb's three-cylinder compound-Compound tank engines-Two-cylinder compound express engines-Compound goods engines with two cylinders-Four-cylinder tandem compound locomotives.
XIX NON-COMPOUND LOCOMOTIVES, 1882-89 ...... 263-288
2-2-2 engines-4-2-2 engines-2-4-0 express engines-4-4-0 engines-Engines of the 0-4-2 type Eight-wheeled tank engines-Ten-wheeled tank engines-Goods engines, 0-6-0 type-Eight coupled tender engines-Six-coupled tank engines-Details in construction-Bogies-Sanding apparatus-Water pick-up apparatus-Cabs.
XX 1890-1900 ... ... ... ... 289-312
Two-cylinder compound engines-Compound locomotives, Webb's three-cylinder system Four-cylinder compound engines, Webb's system-Three-cylinder compound engine, Beyer, Peacock & Co.-Three-cylinder compound engine, W. M. Smith's system-Triple expansion locomotive-Two-cylinder high pressure engines-2-2-2 locomotives-4-2-2 locomotives-2-4-0 engines-4-4-0 engines-Four-cylinder non-compound engines-4-4-2 express engines-4-6-0 express engines-Passenger tank engines-Two-cylinder compound passenger tank engines-2-6-0 tank engines-Eight-coupled tank engines-Details-Oil fuel-Locomotives speeds and performances, 1880-1900.
Twin locomotives-Fairlie double locomotives-Kitson-Meyer locomotives-Mallet locomotives-The Garratt engine-Fell engines for steep gradients-Rack-rail locomotives-Other engines built for overseas.
XXII 1901-14... ... 322-354
Compound locomotives with three cylinders-Compound engines with four cylinders-Compound locomotives in India-4-4-0 non-compound engines-4-4-2 locomotives with two cylinders-4-6-0 express engines, two-cylinder type-Locomotives with four cylinders-4-6-2 express engine-Three-cylinder non-compound express engines-Three-cylinder tank engines--Passenger tank engines, two-cylinder type-Goods tender engines, 0-6-0 type-2-6-0 goods engines-Locomotive with multiple single-acting cylinders-4-6-0 express goods engines-Eight wheels coupled engines-Eight wheels coupled side tank engines-Steam motor coach locomotives-Boilers-Superheaters-Feed-water heating.
XXIII 1914-25... ... ... ... 355-372
Express passenger engines-Mixed traffic, goods and mineral engines-Tank engines-Details Boilers-Bogies and pony trucks-Booster--Motion, valves and valve gear-Lubrication Locomotive tenders-Conclusion.

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