Book Of Model Railways, A by Wickham Hard Cover
Book Of Model Railways, A by Wickham Hard Cover
Book Of Model Railways, A by Wickham Hard Cover

Book Of Model Railways, A by Wickham Hard Cover

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Book Of Model Railways, A by Wickham Hard Cover
A Book Of Model Railways by Wickham Hard Cover Date Unknown  298 Pages  
IT is always a good idea, I feel, to tell your readers at the start of a book, what you have set out to do. If they decide you have succeeded in achieving your aim, all is well ; if not, at least they can conclude that you have travelled hopefully even though you have failed to arrive.
My object in compiling this work was to cover, as fully as possible in reasonable compass, all the main branches of the fascinating craft of railway-modelling. To say that such a work seems to be needed, at the present time, is in no way to detract from the value of the several very excellent books of this type previously put on the market. But most, if not all, of these are now out-of-print.
Many, I know, have become attracted to railway  modelling during the War, and are now making a practical start in our hobby. I have tried throughout to bear in mind lheir requirements. But more experienced modellers will, I hope, also find much to interest them. Inevitably, such a book as this must be coloured to some extent by the writer's personal opinions. But in controversial matters, I have tried, where possible, to give both sides, and, where this is not done, consideration of space rather than bigotry must be blamed ! At first sight, some of the ideas presented, especially in regard to scenic work and layout planning, may seem somewhat " revolutionary," but I would prefer to call them " evolutionary," believing that any craft must continually progress to higher forms of expression if it is to live and flourish, and if it is to call from its devotees the best they have to give, and reward them in proportion.
This book could never have been written, or at least would have been much less complete, without the cooperation of a number of people and concerns in the model world. I gladly make acknowledgment to all, the more so because their help was so freely given under the trying conditions of war and its aftermath.
First, acknowledgment must go to several trade firms. To Bassett-Lowke Ltd. my thanks are due for permission to mention their products, and to quote from their literature, also for the loan of data for the preparation of the historical chapter in Section r. Next to Mr. E. R. Gray, of Boscombe, for his permission to describe, in some detail, the admirable " ERG" products, for checking my texts, and for the provision of two most excellent photographs. Then to Modelcraft Ltd., for permission to refer to their plans and books, and for checking texts ; and to Wilson's Lorries Ltd. for similar services in connection with their unrivalled products. To J. H. Sankey & Son Ltd. (the makers of  Pyruma "), to Hamblings, Stewart-Reidpath Ltd., Rocket Precision Ltd. and Walkers and Holtzapffel (Retail) Ltd., similar acknowledgments must also go.
Next my thanks to the " British Railway Modelling Standards Bureau " for giving, through their Chairman, Mr. J. N. Maskelyne, permission to publish " Standards " diagrams and tables.
To Mr. R. J. Raymond, Editor of Model Railway Constructor, my warmest thanks for much help and encouragement, and in particular for his generous permission to reprint material and illustrations which I originally prepared for publication in " M.R.C." To Austin G. Muir, I owe almost all the information used in preparing the material on U.S. locomotives for Section 4 : I am also indebted to him (in conjunction with Model Railway Constructor) for permission to reproduce his fine " U.S. Mogul " drawing, and for much friendly help and advice. While to Nit.. Muir jointly with the Pennsylvania R.R. of America, I am indebted for the loan of official locomotive photographs and for permission to publish them. To Edward Beal, most expert and prolific of model railway writers, my warmest thanks for permission to quote from his books.
Of fellow railway-modellers with whom my work has brought me in touch, I owe a special word of acknowledgment to Mr. J. H. G. Walton (and through him to his partner, Mr. G. Y. Hemingway), not only for permission to quote the " history " of the Cleasdale Lines," but to publish illustrations and descriptions of rolling-stock I have built for the line.
So I commit these pages to the reader, hoping that he may finally close the book feeling that I have, in fact, both travelled hopefully and arrived.

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