Bonney on Railway Carriers 1864 rules statutes decisions Rules of law
Bonney on Railway Carriers 1864 rules statutes decisions Rules of law

Bonney on Railway Carriers 1864 rules statutes decisions Rules of law

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Bonney on Railway Carriers 1864 rules statutes decisions Rules of law
Bonney on Railway Carriers  A book of great value to lawyers and railway men.  Rules of law for the carriage and delivery of persons and property by railways, with the leading railway statutes and decisions of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and the United States by Charles Bonney.  Complete in one volume.  Blue pencil on a blank page ???town & Frank???? RR Company 1865.  
First edition 1864. 267 pages, indexed. Book size: 9 X 5.75.
This book is designed for the guidance of railway companies, their agents, employes and patrons, in the receipt, transportation and delivery of persons and property; and for the convenience of the profession in advising thereof. The rules of law according to which the railroad commerce of the country should be conducted, are generally under the control of the legislatures and courts of the several States; and while many are the same in all, some are peculiar, either in object or in detail, to each. I have therefore first deduced the leading general rules for the transaction of that business; and after them, have given the leading statutes and decisions of the States through which run the great central rail-road lines of the country, and such decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, as seemed to be essential.
In other words, I have endeavored to make a book in which the rights, duties and liabilities of passengers, consignors, warehouse-men, forwarders, railway carriers, agents, conductors, engineers, consignees and other persons concerned in or affected by the usual course of railway business, may readily be found, distinctly pre, and plainly expressed. The statutes are rarely found complete, outside of the State to which they belong; and the decisions condensed and reported, are scattered through so large a number of volumes, as to be unavailable for every-day use.
I have not cited authorities in support of the general rules, because the subjects of them are treated at large in the standard works on railways, carriers, contracts and bailments;. and because the decisions given, seem sufficiently to sustain, amplify and explain them, and to show their application. It will not be expected that the first edition of such a work will be free from defects; and I invoke a friendly judgment on occasional departures from the general plan of the work; and matters in which improvements either of form or of substance might be made.
A distinct knowledge of duty and liability, naturally induces care and fidelity; and I cannot resist the conviction, that a familwith the subject-matter of this treatise, by the non-profespersons for whose use it is, in part, designed, would prevent many of the losses and accidents which now occur; and largely increase the efficiency and safety of the railway system of the country.
To my professional brethren I submit theresult of my labors, with the hope that it may be found sufficiently useful in the law office and at the bar, to secure the grateful reward of their
CHARLES C. BONNEY      CHICAGO, August 16, 1864.

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