Beginner’s Guide To 2mm Finescale Modelling
Beginner’s Guide To 2mm Finescale Modelling
Beginner’s Guide To 2mm Finescale Modelling

Beginner’s Guide To 2mm Finescale Modelling

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Beginner’s Guide To 2mm Finescale Modelling
The Beginners Guide To 2mm Finescale Modelling
Soft Cover
72 pages
Copyright 2006
Introduction 3
What type of layout to build as a first attempt?5
I - Suburban Terminus5
- Shunting Yard 5
- Half a Branch Line Terminus6
4 - Industrial Diorama6
A Note on Scaling and Setting Out7
Introducing "British Oak"7
Frame Assembly 9
Baseboard Surface  11
British Oak: Baseboards  13
r' Track 15
Basic Principles  15
2mm Fine Scale Wheel Standards 16
Prototype Track 17
Tools and Materials for 2mm Scale Track Building  17
Building Plain Track20
Plastic Sleeper Base23
Turnout Theory24
Turnout Tools and Materials 26
Turnout Construction27
Turnout Workboard27
Fix Plan to Workboard27
Preparing and Fixing Turnout Sleepers28
Fix the Straight Stock Rail29
Construct the Crossing V29
Fix the Curved Stock Rail30
Prepare the Blades 31
Fix the Straight Blade31
Fix the Curved Blade32
Check the Turnout for Running 32
Make and Fix the Check Rails32
Making and Fixing the Tie Bar33
Optional Late Gapping of Sleepers34
Removing From Workboard and Cleaning-Up14
Electrical Gapping of Blades 34
Turnouts with Jigs35
British Oak: Track & Pointwork36
Track Installation and Wiring 39
Track Laying39
Point Polarity and Control 40
Isolating Sections41
British Oak: Infrastructure43
Motive Power 48
Running In 49
Removal of the Body49
Removal of Bogies51
Removing the Wheels53
What Can Go Wrong?55
British Oak: Locomotives56
Rolling Stock 61
Building Up a 2mm Wagon Kit 63
British Oak: Rolling Stock69
Recommended Further Reading 71
The 2mm Magazine: 71
The Model Railway Press72
Acknowledgements and Credits 72

This book aims to provide a pathway into 2mm linescale railway modelling. The procedures set out in the following pages have been successfully used by experienced 2mm modellers, and the beginner who follows them with care, application and a modicum of skill should be able to build a small fine scale layout with acceptable trackwork and have locomotives and stock to run on it. The methods described in this book are not the only ones available, nor is it claimed that they are necessarily the best. However, they do represent pragmatic methods of getting into 2mm scale.
This new edition of the Beginners Guide contains a worked example of a small 2mm layout, of a type which would be a recommended first step. A single board no more than three or four feet long, and a layout limited to perhaps two or three turnouts, is enough for a start, though there is of course no harm in designing it so that it may form part of a larger layout later on. Treating it more as a test track, you are less likely to become discouraged if something doesn't work out quite right first time.
Throughout this book, there are references to back issues of the 2mm Magazine.

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