Bassett Lowke Railways Catalogue  Soft Cover 136 Pages

Bassett Lowke Railways Catalogue Soft Cover 136 Pages

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Bassett Lowke Railways Catalogue Soft Cover 136 Pages
Bassett Lowke Railways Catalogue  Soft Cover 136 Pages
Includes a section on  Gauge I, II, III, IV, boiler fittings, Gauge O, misc items, stationary steam plant, old catalogues 1902-1963, more.  
It gives us immense pleasure to preface this re-introductory Bassett-Lowke Railway catalogue. Pleasure is closely alligned with pride in being associated with the continuance of model railways under the marque of Bassett- Lowke. That historic Company has, like so many of its one time rivals, reached a crossroad, in essence that Company's activities have now been separated. The industrial model making aspect is to be continued under the name Bassett Lowke Limited and will operate at present from the original Northampton factory, becoming in time part of a larger industrial group of companies. The railway model business is being continued by Bassett Lowke (Rlys) Limited and has its retail headquarters at 59 Cadogan Street, the home of the now internationally famous Steam Age. Now, if ever, is a time for reflection concerning the future route of Bassett-Lowke Railways. When looking back along the path of other great European and
American model railway producers such as Bing Werke, Marklin, Carette, Hornby, Ives and Lionel, it is a reflection of the hazards of the industry that only the firm of Gebruder Marklin survives intact. One must applaud that last Company's constant ability to read the changing trends of the twentieth century. It is all the more remarkable when one recalls that W. J. Bassett-Lowke was first in the field with an 00 Railway System. It would be incorrect to suggest that we intend to revive the Bassett-Lowke of the past. Not only would that be imprudent, but in many ways wrong. In our view, the Company's golden period in railways between 1901-1914 should rightly repose with the memories and the surviving products of that era. What we shall endeavour to achieve in the future is a projection of the spirit of quality, being fully aware of the standards of that epoch. It is most interesting to remember that some of the most evocative production engines, the Black Prince series and its multiliveried derivitives, the Claughtons, Titley Courts and Sir Sam Fays, were the result of close collaboration between Northampton and Stephan Bing. It was this outward looking policy that enabled the finest commercial manufacturers in Europe to produce superb British prototype locomotives and rolling stock, some of which are illustrated hereafter. That these items were principally sold at 112 High Holborn made this combination near-irresistible. Time and time again people coming to Cadogan Street, relate how as boys they pressed their noses to the window at 112, in all the wonderment, at what was probably, at the time, the unattainable. We at Cadogan Street intend to pursue, if at present in a somewhat more modest manner, this policy of coordinating our production with the finest model manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom and Europe in order to offer connoisseurs everywhere items worthy of the name Bassett- Lowke.

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