Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966 75 Years The  Soft Cover
Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966 75 Years The  Soft Cover
Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966 75 Years The  Soft Cover
Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966 75 Years The  Soft Cover

Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966 75 Years The Soft Cover

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Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966 75 Years The Soft Cover
75 Years The Bangor and Aroostook 1891-1966
48 pages.  Photos, map, more.
The Bangor and Aroostook will be 75 years old come February 13. On that February day in 1891 the company was incorporated. It had a charter from the legislature to build a railroad and not much more in tangible assets. Yet less than two years later-on Christmas Day, 1893-a Bangor and Aroostook train rolled into Houlton.
So that Houlton might have its long sought "direct line" as a Christmas present, the ties were laid on the snow for the last few miles and the track was not fully operational for another week. This drive to reach Houlton by Christmas is symbolic of the spirit that built the Bangor and Aroostook. It was the creation of an aroused Aroostook County sparked by a proposal made by Albert Burleigh of Houlton.
In one respect there was nothing new in the proposal. Construction of a direct line from Bangor to the County had been discussed for years. But Burleigh added a new note. On December 18, 1890, he published "the Burleigh scheme" and said, in effect, let's stop looking elsewhere for capital and build the line with our own resources.
He was addressing his proposal to a county with 50,000 residents, an estates value of only $10 million, despite its vast size, and total banking resources of $700,000. Even in 1890 these were meagre resources with which to build a railroad and time and again they were almost too meagre.
That the job was done is the proud heritage of the Bangor and Aroostook and in the pages that follow we have tried to tell the story of the railroad and the area it serves. You will find no lack of superlatives and we make no apology for them. We freely admit our belief that there is no finer railroad in the United States. We also believe that no railroad serves a finer territory or a finer people.
Dedications may not be in order in a publication as modest as this. Nevertheless, I dedicate it to Albert Burleigh, to the area we serve and, not least, to the many loyal men and women who operate the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad.

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