Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ
Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ
Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ
Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ
Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ

Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ

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Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago Cumberland to Chicago w DJ
Baltimore and Ohio Sunburst Trail to Chicago By David Ori, Stephen Salamon and Oroszi.  
Hard Cover with dust jacket
Copyright 1993 FIRST EDITION  128 pages
Main Line Subdivision - Cumberland to Rockwood6
S&C Subdivision - Johnstown Branch25
Main Line Subdivision - Rockwood to Connellsville27
FM&P Subdivision - Connellsville to Fairmont33
Western Subdivision - Connellsville to Glenwood and Pittsburgh36
W&P Subdivision - Glenwood to Wheeling50
P&W Subdivision - Glenwood to New Castle53
B&0 on P&LE61
Akron Mainline Subdivision - New Castle to Ohio Junction67
Lake Subdivision - Ohio Junction to Fairport76
Akron Mainline Subdivision - Ohio Junction to Willard78
CT&V Subdivision - Cleveland to Mineral City91
CL&W Subdivision - Cleveland and Lorain to Sterling100
Chicago East End and West End Subdivisions - Willard Yard and Willard to Pine Junction107
Pine Junction to Grand Central Station122

Much has been written about the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad lines east of Cumberland, Maryland. Few railroads can claim as rich a blend of history, scenery, engineering achievements, and operations. Yet, B&O's trackage east of Cumberland was, in a sense, the "tip of the iceberg," accounting for roughly ten percent of B&O's entire system. West of Cumberland, two main lines punched through the mountains, eventually attaining the railroad gateways of Chicago and St. Louis. Along the way, B&O's empire included a network of secondary main lines and branches, particularly in western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, and throughout the state of Ohio. Except for the mountain grades of Sand Patch and the West End-Cumberland Division, these lines have received comparatively little attention. Although not as famous as their eastern counterparts, B&O's lines west of Cumberland were both historic, and important, not just to B&O but to the national rail system.
Sunburst Trail to Chicago focuses on two far-flung B&O divisions, the Pittsburgh and Akron-Chicago Divisions, plus the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad (B&OCT), a separate company wholly-owned by B&O. Together, the two divisions, and B&OCT, encompass B&O's Cumberland-Chicago main line, and the secondary main lines and branches that reached many of the great industrial centers of the northeast. Through these lines, B&O reached, at one time, four of the nation's five largest steel-production districts. This track
age also provided access to a great deal of coal, rubber, glass, oil, chemical and automotive traffic. Finally, these lines linked B&O to the nation's railroad center, the city of Chicago, and the all-important western connections. More than anything else, it was the extension to Chicago that made B&O a major northeastern rail carrier, and a strong competitor with its larger neighbors, the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroads.
As in our previous all-color book, "Reflections of the Capitol Dome," we have used text and photographs to depict the "character" of the B&O, with emphasis on operations and the physical plant. Our coverage spans three decades, from the mid-1950s through 1987, when B&O ceased to exist as a separate organization. Some earlier history is included, where relevant, to "set the stage" for what existed from the 1950s. The chapters are organized according to division boundaries as they existed in the 1960s. Included are all main and branch lines of the Pittsburgh and Akron-Chicago Divisions, except the southern portion of the CL&W Subdivision, of the Akron-Chicago Division. That line, excluded for lack of space, was essentially an extension of the Monongah Division. Descriptions of operations and facilities generally cover the twenty years from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s, before Chessie's integration of B&O, C&O and WM operations began in earnest.
We hope you will enjoy our look at B&O's "Sunburst Trail to Chicago."

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