Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z
Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z
Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z
Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z
Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z

Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z

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Baldwin Diesels 3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z
Baldwin Diesels-3 In Color Baldwin Diesel Production Roster Baldwin Owners Q-Z by Jim Boyd
Morning Sun Books
Hard Cover w with dust jacket
128 pages
Copyright 2002
CHAPTER 4                                                                                                                                                                                                          Benson-Quinn Terminal 6 / Rail To Water Transfer 7 / Rayonier, Inc. 8 / Reading 12 / Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific 17 / Savannah & Atlanta 17 / St. Louis - San Francisco 18 / St. Louis Southwestern 20 / Seaboard Air Line 22 / Seaboard Coast Line 26 / Sharon Steel 30 / Standard Steel 31 / Sierra Railroad 32 / SMS - Penn Jersey 40 / Southern Pacific 48 / San Diego & Arizona Eastern 54 / Southern Railway 56 / Texas-Mexican Railway 56 / Tennessee Eastman 57 / Tennessee Central 58 / Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis 60 / Texas South-Eastern 62 / Texas Crushed Stone 65 / Trona Railway 59 / Kerr-McGee 71 / Union Pacific 76 / Union Railroad 74 / U.S. Air Force 78 / U.S. Navy 80 / U.S. Pipe & Foundry 84 / U.S. Steel 88 / U.S. - Tennessee Valley Authority 96 / Upper Merion & Plymouth 97 / Wabash 98 / Warner Sand & Gravel 99 / Western Maryland 100 / Western Pacific 104 / Weyerhaeuser Timber 106 / Wyandotte Terminal 108 / Wyandotte Southern / 109 / Youngstown Sheet & Tube 110 / Stragglers A-Z 112 / White Pine Copper 113
CHAPTER 5                                                                                                                                   Baldwin Production 116                                                                                                            Baldwin Diesel Model Summary 118 / Baldwin Survivors 123                                        Baldwin Builders Plates by Joe Van Hoorebeke 124
Epilogue 128
SINCE THE QUANAH, ACME & PACIFIC and the Quincy Railroad didn't buy any Baldwins, we had to cheat and begin the "Q" chapter with a middle name: Benson-Quinn Terminal. The Delray Connecting - the "Zug Island Road" - had only Alcos, so we wrapped up the alphabet the same way, with Crown Zellerbach Canada.
A project of this magnitude cannot be "cut from whole cloth" without a lifetime of independent research. This book-in-three-volumes puts the diesel products of Eddystone into the context of their owners and operations, and a wide range of resources was tapped to tell the story.
The idea to do a "Baldwin book" was conceived about ten years ago when I was going through my own slide collection and began noticing some pretty interesting Baldwins that I'd photographed, such as the Sierra Railroad S12s on their workaday runs from Oakdale to Standard in April 1990, shown (above) passing the "Petticoat Junction" water tank at Jamestown on their return trip.
The book concept was solidified after I completed Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives In Color and realized the incredible wealth of imagery that Bob Yanosey of Morning Sun Books could gather up on relatively short notice. There are few other publishers who could have given an author such strong support.
While my approach to the subject is unique, and all of the "out in the field" material is original, the historical data on both Baldwin and the railroads was gleaned from a wide variety of sources. From the beginning of Volume 1, I was proud to credit John Kirkland's 1994 Interurban Press book, The Diesel Builders, Volume 3 - Baldwin Locomotive Works, as my primary technical reference. The 32-page builder's list is the most detailed and complete unit-by-unit production roster ever published. For each railroad I used and cross-checked as many published rosters as possible, including those in Extra 2200 South, The Short Line, the Dozalls' Diesels From Eddystone (Kalmbach, 1984) and numerous articles from Railfan & Railroad, Railroad Model Craftsman and Trains magazines. I also referenced books on the individual railroads, like Paul Withers' Diesels of the Southern Railway 1939-1982; Kevin EuDaly's Missouri Pacific Diesel Power; Wally Abbey's The Little Jewel; Joe Strapac's Cotton Belt Locomotives, Western Pacific's Diesel Years, Rio Grande Diesels and numerous Southern Pacific Motive Power Annuals and Reviews; Bill Edson's New York Central System Diesel Locomotives; Kevin Holland's Nickel Plate Road Diesel Locomotives; Lou Marre's Frisco Diesel Power; Castner, Flannary and Gordon's Louisville & Nashville Diesel Locomotives and John D. Hahn, Jr.'s Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Locomotive Pictorials, as well as a few others that I've probably overlooked. For railroad history, The Official Guide of the Railways and George Drury's excellent Historical Guide to North American Railroads (Kalmbach 1985) were my preferred sources. My thanks to all- JIM BOYD, March 17, 2002.

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