Baldwin Diesel Locomotives Diesels from Eddystone the Story of by Dolzall
Baldwin Diesel Locomotives Diesels from Eddystone the Story of by Dolzall
Baldwin Diesel Locomotives Diesels from Eddystone the Story of by Dolzall

Baldwin Diesel Locomotives Diesels from Eddystone the Story of by Dolzall

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Baldwin Diesel Locomotives Diesels from Eddystone the Story of by Dolzall
Diesels from Eddystone the Story of Baldwin Diesel Locomotives by Gary and Stephen Dolzall
Soft cover.  
152 pages.
Copyright 1984.   
Kalmbach Books.   
Many photos
4 BALDWIN - THE MAN, THE COMPANY                                                                                            
A locomotive company grows to maturity
7 THE DIESEL COMES TO EDDYSTONE                                                                                              
Grand experiments and troubled times
11 BALDWIN AND THE DIESEL                                                                                                                     
A synopsis of Baldwin's diesel years
26 EDDYSTONE'S FINEST                                                                                                                   
Baldwin diesel yard switchers
52 FROM A GIANT TO A LIGHTWEIGHT                                                                            
Streamlined passenger-service diesels
70 TALES OF THE "GOLDEN GOOSE" AND THE "BLUEBIRD"                                                                                                       Heavy transfer units
80 EDDYSTONE'S TRIPLETS                                                                                                              
Heavy road-switchers
98 NEW TRIPLETS                                                                                                                                 
The 1950 standard line heavy road-switchers
118 THE "HAULING FOOL"                                                                                
Streamlined freight-service diesels
130 YARD GOATS WITH ROAD-SWITCHERS' SHOES                                                                        
Light road-switchers
138 BOUND FOR FOREIGN SHORES                                                                                        
Baldwin export-model diesels

THIS BOOK documents the diesel locomotives constructed by Baldwin Locomotive Works and associated models built by that company's successor, Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton (Baldwin was merged with Lima-Hamilton Corp. in 1950). This includes 3209 diesel locomotives constructed between 1925 and 1956. Diesel locomotives built under the "Baldwin-Westinghouse" name (Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. controlled Baldwin from 1948 to 1954) are included.
The following subjects are not included: (1) Westinghouse diesel locomotives. From 1928 to 1937 a number of Westinghouse diesels were partially constructed at Baldwin's Eddystone (Pennsylvania) facility. However, responsibility for the marketing and final construction of these locomotives fell entirely to Westinghouse. (2) Locomotives produced by Lima-Hamilton. In 1949, prior to its merger with Baldwin, Lima-Hamilton began production of a line of diesel switcher and transfer units at Lima, Ohio. This line was competitive with Baldwin's diesels and was dropped following the merger. (3) Whitcomb diesel locomotives. After 1931 Whitcomb Locomotive Works of Rochelle, Illinois, was controlled by Baldwin Locomotive Works, and from 1940 Whitcomb was a division of Baldwin. In February 1952 production of Whitcomb industrial locomotives was transferred to the Eddystone plant and the line became known as the Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton "Industrial Line." We leave the Whitcomb/B-L-H industrial line to future authors. The relationships of Lima-Hamilton and Whitcomb (and their locomotives) to Baldwin are further discussed in Chapter 3.
The first chapter outlines Baldwin Locomotive Works' origins, its growth into one of the world's largest locomotive manufacturers, and the construction of its Eddystone (Pennsylvania) plant. The second chapter describes Baldwin's entry into the diesel age, documenting the company's earliest experimental diesel locomotives and its preparations to begin production of commercial diesel locomotives. Chapter 3 is a synopsis of Baldwin production - from the introduction of non-experimental units in 1936 through shipment of the last diesel in 1956. Chapter 3 also describes the development of Baldwin diesel power plants, Baldwin's role in the market for diesel railroad locomotives, and Baldwin's corporate structure, including its control by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co., and its merger with Lima-Hamilton.
The remaining chapters document Baldwin diesel yard switchers, streamlined passenger-service models, dual-engine transfer diesels, heavy road-switchers, streamlined freight-service models, light road-switchers, and models built strictly for export (units of domestic design sold outside the U. S. are described with those delivered to U. S. roads). Each chapter includes detailed information on all models constructed, plus information on many individual locomotives' service careers, retirements, and, in some fortunate cases, preservation. A complete production list of Baldwin diesels can be found at the end of the book.

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