Automated Information Management RSMA Soft Cover 1964 Railway Systems and Manage

Automated Information Management RSMA Soft Cover 1964 Railway Systems and Manage

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Automated Information Management RSMA Soft Cover 1964 Railway Systems and Manage
Automated Information Management RSMA Soft Cover 1964 Railway Systems and Management Association. Approx 200 pages.  
". . . it is necessary that the man who exercises the great judgment that the railroad president is called upon to exercise . . . . should have before him the data upon which to form a correct judgment."
These words were spoken more than fifty years ago by a brilliant young lawyer who was later to become a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. L. D. Brandeis was arguing against an increase in rates for the Eastern railroads with the contention that the railroads of the United States could save one million dollars a day by applying the principles of scientific management.
But scientific management, or any enlightened management, is impossible without facts; this is as true today as it was in 1911. It has taken fifty years, the threat of major competition, and the technology of the computer age to make available to our railroad presidents the data needed for intelligent decision-making. The passage of time and the threat from other media of transportation have not been as instrumental as the rapid strides in information processing that have accompanied the high-speed digital computer.
The title of our seminar, "Automated Information Management", was carefully selected to convey the general tenor of the program. Emphasis was given to information for management and how the flow of such information could be controlled. Use of the word "automation" was intended to invoke the concept of mechanized information inputs, automatic message control and switching, and high-speed processing of information through computers.
Communications were emphasized throughout because they provide the essential link between raw data in the field and processed information in suitable form for management decision-making.
Throughout the program, we attempted to stress the need for simplicity-simplicity of design, ease of understanding, and utility.
It is safe to predict that the railroad presidents of five years hence will have before them an array of data that will facilitate correct judgment to an extent that even Lawyer Brandeis never envisioned. These correct judgments can be expected to reshape the industry; moving it out of less profitable fields into areas where inherent competitive advantages can be exploited. Rates will be lower, service better, and profits higher because of Automated Information Management.

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