Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989   63 various issues

Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989 63 various issues

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RailroadTreasures offers the following item:
Arkansas Railroader 1982-1989 63 various issues
Arkansas Railroader Published by the Arkansas Railroad Club.  All these are 8 1/2 X 14 inches.  Approx a 3 inch stack.  The following issues are included:

1982 issues 5 issues
Arkansas Railroader Volume 13 #12 December 1982
12 Pages
Wreck of the Hot Springs Special
Some Named Arkansas Passenger Trains of the Past

Arkansas Railroader Volume 13 #11 November 1982
10 Pages Average Number of Trains - Missouri Pacific Lines
Basic Qualifications for Railroad Jobs

Arkansas Railroader Volume 13 #9 September 1982
6 Pages
Another Mess of Buffalo Chips Coming Up Program
Missouri Pacific Lines Stateroom Chair Cars 850-855 Ordered for Valley Eagle Service

Arkansas Railroader Volume 13 #8 August 1982
4 Pages
Remembrances of the Valley Eagle
A Days Passenger Trains at the Rock Island Depot

Arkansas Railroader Volume 14 #1 January 1982
14 Pages
A Guide to Missouri Pacific Lines
A Guide to Operations Missouri Pacific Lines North Little Rock, Ark.
Schedule of Passenger Trains

1983 3 issues
Arkansas Railroader Volume 14 #12 December 1983
12 Pages
An Eagles Flight Falls Short
Special: Last Cleanup Run  
The Cotton Belts Early Christmas Present to its Employees
Cotton Belt Clearance Forms

Arkansas Railroader Volume 14 #10 October 1983
5 Pages
A Special Welcome to Lowell Turner
Arkansas-Railroad Baseball Champions of the World

Arkansas Railroader Volume 14 #3 March 1983
16 Pages
Arkansas: A Haven for Alcos on the Rock
Cotton Belt
Last Days of the Rock
The Hazen Division

1984  1 issue:
Arkansas Railroader Volume 15 #5 May 1984
16 Pages
Railroad Business Cars
Missouri Pacific Passenger Train Situation Report
The Wreck of Mopac #8

1985 issues  11 issues  
Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #12 December 1985
14 Pages
The Sixty-Minute Rule
Night Train to Gunnison
Passenger Train of the Month

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #11 November 1985
18 Pages
A Visit to the Reader Railroad - the Possum Trot Line
Operation Lifesaver
The Call Boy and His Dog
Magnetic Levitation Technology

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #10 October 1985
14 Pages
First Class All the Way
That Noisy Old Baggage Truck

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #9 September 1985
20 Pages
Conductors Dream Before Dying
Making of a Hill Road Brake
Railroads-a short history
A Six-Shooter Telegrapher
One Way Commuter Run

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #8 August 1985
14 Pages
My Dream Train
Rock Island Line Abandonments - Arkansas
A Girl Named Nellie-And Her Apron-Provided a Name for an Old Flag Stop

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #7 July 1985
12 Pages
More Cotton Belt Facts Not Generally Known
The Call of the Train
The Rocket Gets Jet Power
Steam Excursions Around the Country - 1985
Shortline Railroads in Arkansas - 1984

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #6 June 1985
12 Pages
The Limedale Narrow-Gauge Railroad
Gold Coast Railroad Museum to Soon Begin Excursion Service
Railroads at War
The Legendary 819 Steam Whistle

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #5 May 1985
8 Pages
A Salute to 819
A Near Disaster
The Last Run

Arkansas Railroader volume 16 #4 April 1985
12 Pages
The Moonlighter
The Death of a Railroad
Worlds Fastest Local Way Freight

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #3 March 1985
14 pages
The Street Railways of Little Rock, Arkansas The 1930-1936 Era
Includes Map of Street Railways of Little Rock, Arkansas - 1929
Rock Island Sunbelt News

Arkansas Railroader Volume 16 #2 February 1985
10 Pages
About Cabooses
From the Past

1986 issues   11 issues  
Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #12 December 1986
20 Pages
Down the Dee-Poe
Jacksonville & Northwestern Railroad??

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #11 November 1986
16 Pages
An Orphan Railroad
East of Suez

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #10 October 1986
20 Pages
Gone are the Days
From Mule Cars to Buses

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #9 September 1986
26 Pages
Balling the Jack
New Possibilities in the West
New Zealand Pacific
The Last Big Show
About the 819

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #8 August 1986
Missing Page 1&2 16 Pages
Class 3 Railroads of Arkansas
The Iron Mountain Brakemans Strike

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #7 July 1986
22 Pages
Smith Yard
Casey Jones Last Run
The Way It Was

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #5 May 1986
28 Pages
SLSW 819 Heads for the Big Time!
One of the Last Old-Time Locomotives
Kansas Operation Lifesaver
Last Days of the Southern Belle
Those Female warriors

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #4 April 1986
18 Pages
Requiescat in Pace
Locomotive Moles

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #3 March 1986
14 Pages
Remember When?
Difference Between a Hoghead and an Engineer

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #2 February 1986
14 Pages
No.1 American Soldier
Class 3 Railroads of Arkansas

Arkansas Railroader Volume 17 #1 January 1986
16 Pages
1986 Membership Dues
The Butler County Railroad
Nicknames I Have Known

1987 issues:   9 issues   
Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #12 December 1987   
16 Pages
The Trains I Rode - More Personal Reminiscence

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #11 November 1987
10 Pages
The Fireless Cooker, Industrys Workhouse

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #8 August 1987
10 Pages
Joe Green and Bob Shirley and Numba Leven
Eight Hours on the Mountain

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #6 June 1987
10 Pages
Crane with a Broken Neck - Fact or Fiction
Indian River and Western Railway
Tragedy in the Night

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #5 May 1987
10 Pages
The Philosophical Railroader

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #4 April 1987
16 Pages
The Diamond Joe
More Trackside Observations in the 30s & 40s on the Valley Division
Reached Texas with Fifty Cents in His Pocket

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #3 March 1987
22 Pages
Class 3 Railroads of Arkansas
The Frisco Through Northwest Arkansas
Bits of This and That About the Cotton Belt
The Conway Tunnel

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #2 February 1987
18 Pages
Class 3 Railroads of Arkansas
Railroading- An Ever Changing Game
Coal - The Great - American Commodity
Rock Island and the Missouri & Arkansas

Arkansas Railroader Volume 18 #1 January 1987
16 Pages
Class 3 Railroads in Arkansas

1988 issues 11 issues
Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #12 December 1988
12 Pages
SLSW 819 Goes to Texas!
The Arkansas Emigrant
Old S. & S. Ry. Revisited

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #11 November 1988
24 Pages
The Trip on Extra 2318 East - Liked to Have Met Our Waterloo
An Arkansas Railroad Defeats a President
The Orphan Train

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #10 October 1988
16 Pages
A Trip West on the Rock Island
Club Member Impression on the Frisco 1522

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #9 September 1988
16 Pages
Student Daze
Museums in Arkansas

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #8 August 1988
20 Pages
The Katy - Someone Remembers
Christmas Time on the Katy

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #7 July 1988
16 Pages
The Louisiana & Arkansas/Louisiana, Arkansas & Texas Railway Strike
Fordyce and Princeton R.R. Co. Locomotives

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #6 June 1988
12 Pages
The Good Book

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #4 April 1988
12 Pages
Eggs All Cracked Up
The Last Cattleguard

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #3 March 1988
16 Pages
The Memphis-Little Rock Railroad in the Civil War
By-Laws of Arkansas Railroad Club

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #2 February 1988
20 pages
The Searcy Branch of the Rock Island
The Closing of the Heights Theatre in 1985

Arkansas Railroader Volume 19 #1 January 1988
14 Pages
Where did You Go for the Local?
Pine Bluffs Lifeline
More on Casey Jones - Brave Engineer

1989 issues 12 issues
Arkansas Railroad Volume 20 #12 December 1989
18 Pages
Railroad Crosses the Mississippi River to Serve a City of 12,000
Race for the Mail Contract
Arkansas Railroads and Their Mail Business in 1909
About a Train
Immigrant Homes
A Problem with the Tickets

Arkansas Railroad Volume 20 #11 November 1989
22 Pages
The Train to Freedom
Legend of the Railroad Land Grants
A Meet at Pulaski
Hog on the Loose

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #10 October 1989
24 Pages
A Scary Experience - My First Train Wreck
Things Change
The Elephant that Delayed a Train
The Legend of the Mysterious Gurdon Light
Johnny Marsdens Ghost

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #9 September 1989
20 Pages
Trains Run on Tracks
Aerotrain A MistakeRepeated!

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #8 August 1989
16 Pages
Coal Burning Days on the Mopac

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #7 July 1989
24 Pages
Early Development of the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway
Membership Arkansas Railroad Club
The Midnight Run of Frisco 1522

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #6 June 1989
24 Pages
Rawhiding, A La Railroading
A Locomotive with too Damn Many Legs!
Winding the Turntable

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #5 May 1989
18 Pages
Page 6 in the Railroad Atlas
Logging Trains on the M&NA

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #4 April 1989
18 Pages
Pow Train Wreck on the Erie Railroad 1864
Arkansas Wooden Railroad
Those EMD Diesels
Coal Train

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #3 March 1989
16 Pages
Rock Island Train #991 - Fast Train to the West Coast
Wires from the Past
Greenhouse Effect - Real Climate Changes or Not?

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #2 February 1989
20 Pages
The Stock Pickup
Early Days of the Choctaw Route
Biddle Shops Altered to Receive Diesels

Arkansas Railroader Volume 20 #1 January 1989
18 Pages
Union Pacific/Missouri Pacifics Original Charter Railroads in Arkansas
Faraway Places in Lonesome Whistle

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