Anglia East by Ian Cowley The transformation of a Railway Dust Jacket 1987

Anglia East by Ian Cowley The transformation of a Railway Dust Jacket 1987

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Anglia East by Ian Cowley The transformation of a Railway Dust Jacket 1987
Anglia East by Ian Cowley Dust Jacket 1987 88 Pages The transformation of a Railway
East Anglians certainly cannot claim that electrification took them by surprise, since the possibility was first raised in the Modernisation Plan of 1955. On second thoughts, that the plans finally became reality may have been something of a shock to people who had heard it all several times before!
Once electrification with its attendant track rationalisation and resignalling becomes a reality, the face of the railway is irrevocably changed and one theme of this book is to show these changes by way of illustrations.
To have electrified from London to Norwich and Harwich from scratch would never have been approved in the 1980s, so the Anglia projects owe their existence to the foundations laid by preceding schemes which came to fruition during a period when the railways faced a somewhat more favourable political and economic climate. The second theme of this book is an examination of developments in the GE area prior to Anglia East.
A word of clarification: throughout the book, I refer to 'the GE area'. By this I mean all the surviving lines of the old Great Eastern Railway together with the former London Tilbury & Southend Railway lines, control of which passed to the Eastern Region in 1949. Also in the interests of brevity, locomotive and multiple unit types are generally referred to by their current TOPS classifications.

On December 18, 1867, the Buffalo and Erie Railroads eastbound New York Express derailed as it approached the high truss bridge over Big Sister Creek, just east of the small settlement of Angola, New York, on the shores of Lake Erie. The last two cars of the express train were pitched completely off the tracks and plummeted into the creek bed below. When they struck bottom, one of the wrecked cars was immediately engulfed in flames as the heating stoves in the coach spilled out coals and ignited its wooden timbers. The other car was badly smashed. About fifty people died at the bottom of the gorge or shortly thereafter, and dozens more were injured. Rescuers from the small rural community responded with haste, but there was almost nothing they could do but listen to the cries of the dyingcarry away the dead and injured thrown clear of the fiery wreck. The next day and in the weeks that followed, newspapers across the country carried news of the Angola Horror, one of the deadliest railway accidents to that point in U.S. history.
In a dramatic historical narrative, Charity Vogel tells the gripping, true-to-life story of the wreck and the characters involved in the tragic accident. Her tale weaves together the stories of the peopleunknown; others soon to be famousup in the disaster, the facts of the New York Expresss

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