American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover
American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover
American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover
American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover
American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover
American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover

American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover

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American Steam Locomotives of the Northeast Vol 2 by Robert LeMassena Hard Cover
AMERICAN STEAM -- LOCOMOTIVES OF THE NORTHEAST BY  Robert A. Lemassena   Volume 2 Locomotives of the Northeast
Copyright 1989. FIRST PRINTING
256 pages  
Hard Cover with plastic protective covering

Barre & Chelsea10
Boston & Albany10
Boston & Maine14
Central Vermont19
Mount Washington26
New York, New Haven & Hartford22
Portland Terminal27
Brooklyn Dock & Terminal32
Central of New Jersey30
Delaware & Hudson33
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western39
Harlem Transfer69
Lehigh & Hudson River70
Lehigh & New England71
Lehigh Valley74
Morristown & Erie79
New York Central79
New York, Ontario & Western92
Toronto. Hamilton & Buffalo93
Alan Wood Steel96
Baltimore & Ohio96
Pennsylvania Power & Light140
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie138
Pittsburgh & West Virginia141
Upper Merion & Plymouth144
Western Maryland144
Akron. Canton & Youngstown152
Alton & Southern154
Belt Railway of Chicago156
Chicago & Calumet Terminal156
Chicago & Illinois Midland157
Grand Trunk Western160
Illinois Central162
Illinois Midland157
New York, Chicago & St. Louis171
River Terminal176
Wheeling & Lake Erie181
Chesapeake & Ohio195
Clinch field190
East Tennessee & Western North Carolina213
Norfolk Southern213
Norfolk & Western214
Tennessee & North Carolina237
Winston-Salem Southbound243
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range245
U.S. Army Transportation Corps253

BECAUSE VOLUME I of American Steam was primarily the work of a single photographer, Ben Cutler, the scope of its contents was limited to those railroads within range of his home in southeastern Ohio, plus several other railroads encountered on his trips to the Pacific Coast. Consequently, there was no photographic representation of railroading in the northeastern section of the nation. A line drawn from Cleveland, Ohio, to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and thence to Cumberland, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia, marked the eastern boundary of Ben Cutler's photographic territory.
This enormous void has been filled to a great extent by the work of two other photographers, whose homes were in central Ohio and northern New Jersey. There am some gaps in coverage, however, largely due to the restrictions accompanying World War II, as well as the difficulty of reaching Maine (for example) over a weekend. This accounts for the absence of such notable railroads as the Maine Central, Bangor & Amos-took, Grand Trunk, and the Rutland. The Reading and the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines could be covered adequately only from a base in Philadelphia, but the many interesting railroads in western Pennsylvania could be approached from Ohio. Yet, the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton is among the missing, despite its proximity.
The territorial overlap within Ben Cutler's province has provided the opportunity to expand upon his pictorial coverage in that area; and the railroad overlap south of the Mason-Dixon Line has been utilized to demonstrate the remarkable variety of steam locomotives which worked in that region.
In several instances it has been possible to assemble rather complete photographic rosters of a railroad's motive power, with emphasis given to examples of the lesser-known, though not at all less interesting, locomotives. It is believed that some of the railroads, and several of the locomotives, have not been illustrated in any previous publication.
Because new locomotives possessed a special appeal due to their novelty or great size, modified, rebuilt and second-hand engines have been photographically neglected. In this volume, however, almost half of the photographs illustrate interesting modifications made to the original locomotive, and a substantial proportion show remarkable mechanical transformations of boilers, machinery and tenders. It was not possible for the two photographers to supply all of the desired pictures; so, Harold K. Vollrath of Kansas City, Missouri, generously supplied what was needed from his extensive collection.
It should be recalled that most of these photographs were taken in an era prior to the common usage of automobiles. Railroad photographers rode passenger trains to lineside locations, and then walked long distances to suitable sites for photographs. They also rode on electric streetcars, interurban cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and even busses. A photographer's range was limited to whatever he could reach in a day, or in a weekend, and many an excursion produced only eight or ten exposures. Most of the cameras used large size black-and-white roll film with a maximum speed of ASA 100. The 35 mm. camera, then a rather primitive affair, used color-transparency film of no more than ASA 10 to begin with.
Railroad photography was considered to be a highly suspicious activity during World War II years (1941-1945, and even during the "Cold War" years following the war, as was taking pictures in an engine terminal at any time. At other times and places, photographers have been questioned by both railroad police and local police officers. In view of these handicaps and impediments, it is indeed most remarkable that so many excellent photographs of locomotives and trains were taken.

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