American Sportscars By Richard Nichols A survey of the classic marques

American Sportscars By Richard Nichols A survey of the classic marques

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American Sportscars By Richard Nichols A survey of the classic marques
American Sportscars By Richard Nichols 111 Pages With dust jacket (has a tear on the edge)  1988, reprinted 1991 A survey of the classic marques
The automobile has always been more I than just a means of transport, and nothing proves this more clearly than the emotions inspired by the sportscar, by those exuberant, extravagant machines which pepper the history of motor manufacturing.
AMERICAN SPORTSCARS takes off with the earliest obsessions with speed such as the Mercer Raceabout of 1911 - a daredevil straight-line racer, 75 mph, no doors and a footbrake that didn't work - turns on the power for the '30s V16 Cadillac - 7.4 litres and 54 bodystyles - and cruises into the '80s with the Corvette - 30 years of success and America's first supercar. With full specification panels and stunning full-color photographs of the autos in action, this book introduces the well-known marques such as Mustang, Pontiac and Camaro as well as the more exotic and rare models, such as the breathtakingly beautiful, fast and heartstoppingly expensive Duesenberg J.
The stories and the people behind the cars are also presented - the designers, the racing drivers whose success or failure on the track radically affected the sales of the road cars, the boardroom battles and shifts in company policy which destroyed or created the high-performance machines.
In 1957, for example, the AMA banned manufacturer involvement in motorsport: a Chevrolet Grand Sport was smuggled out of the factory to compete (and win) at Nassau, and every racing-mad Chevvy engineer just happened to vacation in the same place at the same time!
AMERICAN SPORTSCARS guides the reader through the prolific American contribution to the sharp end of road performance, a delightful journey for anyone who ever realised that the car was never just a machine for getting from A to a but an expression of the competitive instinct, of human technological ingenuity, and the love of speed for its own sake.

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