Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket

Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket

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Alistair Cooke’s America By Alistair Cook w/ dust jacket
Alistair Cookes America By Alistair Cook
Hard Cover with Dust Jacket (has damage)
400 pages
Copyright 1973

Prologue  A Passage To America7
1  The New-Found Land23
2  A Home Away From Home61
3  Making A Revolution93
4  Inventing A Nation125
5  Gone West155
6  A Firebell In The Night189
7  Domesticating A Wilderness223
8  Money On The Land247
9  The Huddled Masses273
10  The Promise Fulfilled-The Promise Broken303
11  The Arsenal335
Epilogue  The More Abundant Life367
Acknowledgments And Index393

For four decades, in pursuit of the American essence - exploring the byways of our past, both sharing and observing our present - Alistair Cooke has been moving toward this, his major book about America. It is an alive and open-hearted view of our history, a book imbued with all the wit, color, knowledge, and home truths born of its author's enduring affection for his adopted country.
Maintaining the spirit and design of his resoundingly acclaimed thirteen-part television series, America: A Personal History of the United States (called by Newsweek "the first, and perhaps the finest, gift to the nation for its two-hundredth birthday"), Cooke has both deepened and expanded his spoken narrative, bringing to it an additional richness of detail about the lives, the events, the moments that have formed us - from Columbus, patiently tramping the capitals of Europe in search of funds for his expensive and "impractical" project, to the humming silence of an underground missile base in California where two armed men hunch over the ultimate control panel. Giving us the centuries in between, drawing brilliantly perceptive portraits of men as various as Washington and Carnegie, Jefferson and F.D.R., and of all the grand line of America's founders and shapers, Cooke looks beneath and beyond the sweep of history, of political debate, and of war "to try to say what is moving about the American recall what is tough and good about the American system of government," to show what is unique and what is universal in the American story. It is the story, told with eloquence and edge, of a nation inventing itself, of heroic acts, of follies, of ingenuities and fateful accidents, and, above all, of ordinary people doing the most extraordinary things: our first tycoon getting rich by shipping ice, packed in sawdust, all over the world; the real "real McCoy" (Joseph G.), buying a town named Abilene and promoting the Chisholm Trail; the nameless thousands of forty-niners walking to California; the nameless millions of European poor, shipping themselves - committing their lives and their descendants - to a beckoning but mysterious new world. And, of course, ourselves, inheritors of the triumphs and the disasters, looking toward our third century.
A magnificent array of paintings, photographs both old and new, drawings, cartoons, and memorabilia supplements the narrative. Together, words and pictures provide an incomparable Cooke's tour of the American past, a uniquely fresh and human portrait of us as we were and as we are.
Alistair Cooke, born in Manchester, England, first sighted this continent in 1932. He was twenty-three, fresh out of Cambridge University, expecting to study only briefly at Yale and Harvard. But - initially in spirit, then in fact as well - he never afterward left us. Long before he became a citizen in 1941, America was his base as a journalist. He was correspondent here first for the London Times, then for twenty-four years the chief U.S. correspondent for the Manchester Guardian. His weekly BBC radio broadcast about us, "Letter from America," has been running longer than any other program in
Through nine years in the 1950's as the urbane master of ceremonies of the memorable Omnibus series - and more recently as commentator on NET'S Masterpiece Theater - he became familiar to millions of Americans. But his crowning television achievement is the series from which this book was born, America: A Personal History of the United States. First shown in the fall of 1972, it has earned for him a constellation of prizes, including four Emmys, his second Peabody Award, and the Benjamin Franklin Award of the Royal Society of Arts.
Among Cooke's earlier books are A Generation on Trial (1950), One Man's America (1952), and Talk About America (1968).
In April 1973, to honor "his outstanding contribution over many years to Anglo-American mutual understanding," Queen Elizabeth II made him an honorary Knight Commander of the British Empire.

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