Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos

Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos

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Alco Reference #1 by Bob Liljestrand Soft Cover 1998 Black & White Photos
Alco Reference Number 1 by Bob Liljestrand
Soft Cover    Bent front corner and a few pages
Copyright 1998 224 Pages
Introduction 6
Chapter 1 Steam7
Chapter 2 Building Diesel Locomotives
From The Ground Up43
Diesel Engines50
Putting The Pieces Together 60
Chapter 3 Wrecks & Rebuilds72
Chapter 4 Alco Cab Units92
Early Boxcab Units92
Streamlined Cab Units95
Chapter 5 Alco Switchers 108
Early Hood Units 108
"S" Series 118
Transfer Units 126
Chapter 6 Ataco Road Switchers134
"Rs" Series 134
"Rsd" Series 181
"Century" Series192
Index 221

The layout of this book is designed to display the fullest image possible. We have taken great care to make sure that you can see all of the details of these wonderful photographs. We want to show you the locomotives and the surroundings in which they were built. If you look closely, you will notice more than static locomotives, you will see people, equipment, machinery, signs, houses, other industries, even someone's laundry blowing in the wind! These photographs were made at different times and locations on ALCO property, allowing you to see how the plant changed, along with its products. When we had multiple views of a subject, we included them to give perspective of the location from different angles and show as much of the locomotive as possible. We didn't hold back any material to run these multiple views -- we made the book bigger! ALCO company negatives have been widely dispersed and photos presented in this book are from one collection, so not every model is shown.
The time period that these photos were taken ranges from early 20th century right up to the end of production in Schenectady in 1969, encompassing a vast period of progress. The photographs are arranged by locomotive types. First comes steam, which follows wheel arrangements -- by numbers of drivers, then leading and trailing truck. An exception was made for Milwaukee Road #1, which is a 4-4-2 Atlantic built long after its era. The diesel section begins with photographic coverage of two main components of diesel locomotives manufactured by ALCO, the trucks and the diesel engines. After the locomotive building program, rebuilds are next. Finally, diesel locomotives are grouped by cab and hood arrangements. As a general rule, diesels in each category are listed by model number, such as S1, S2, S3, etc., regardless of delivery date.
As with every book containing locomotive information, there is a chance of errors creeping into the work. Sometimes it is the result of an errant key-stroke, other times it is due to misinformation or it can be a result of conflicting, or even ambiguous data. For every locomotive built, there is a date the order was taken, the date it was begun, the date the engine was built, the date complete, the date photographed, the date it left the plant, the date accepted by the owner road, etc. Sometimes dates become confused or lost. We have checked our information against multiple sources. Occasionally data did not match - a number of published sources have been found to be in error. As a general rule, any builder plate that is visible in a photo takes precedence over other written work, followed by the photographer's date plate. Company records of the builder and railroads when available are next, and then other published sources.
For consistency, builder's numbers will be known as construction numbers, since ALCO orders read "construction order number." The construction number is a five digit number that identifies individual locomotives. It was later changed to a four digit "shop order number" with a dash followed by the numerical sequence in which that particular locomotive fell. For example, "99999" would be an old construction number, while "9999-99" would be a newer style construction number, the 99th locomotive produced under shop order S-9999. Shop order numbers were used to group locomotives for internal accounting purposes.
During the steam period, there were two "S" numbers for locomotives built at Schenectady. The first is an "S" with a three digit number. This represents ALCO's locomotive specification. The "S" with four digits following it is the ALCO shop order number. Later, a five digit "sales order" number was used to keep orders together for customer billing. Locomotives undergoing rebuilding or major overhaul often receive a "FRS" designation, along with a 4 digit number. If you see "S.0." used in someone's roster, that is usually the sales order.
For ease of use and consistency, ALCO models are used without dashes in them. For example, instead of "DL-701" and "RS-3", "DL701" and "RS3" are used. There are some model designations that ALCO didn't even use, such as the "HH600", but for clarity and familiarity, these terms are in the book. Even ALCO and the other builders were not always consistent in what they called their locomotives. For example, there are brochures from EMD extolling the virtues of their "GP7" and others touting their "GP-7"!

All pictures are of the actual item.  There may be reflection from the lights in some photos.   We try to take photos of any damage.    If this is a railroad item, this material is obsolete and no longer in use by the railroad.  Please email with questions. Publishers of Train Shed Cyclopedias and Stephans Railroad Directories. Large inventory of railroad books and magazines. Thank you for buying from us.

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