Aircraft By Kenneth Munson Hard Cover Balloons Dirigibles Gliders helicopters

Aircraft By Kenneth Munson Hard Cover Balloons Dirigibles Gliders helicopters

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Aircraft By Kenneth Munson Hard Cover Balloons Dirigibles Gliders helicopters
Aircraft By Kenneth Munson 48 Pages Hard Cover Balloons Dirigibles Gliders helicopters  Pioneers and early experiments in flight Principles of flight Planes Supersonic transports airports do it yurself model building instructions.   Copyright  1971
The Dream of Flight
For a long time, people thought that the best way for men to fly must be by copying birds. But none of the early attempts to make bird-like wings worked, and many died discovering that man is too weak and too heavy to fly like a bird. At last men began to think of using machines, not just muscles, for flying. Even then it took hundreds of years before the age-old dream of manned flight came true.
It was about seven hundred years ago that Roger Bacon, an English monk, suggested one of the first ideas for a flying machine, with flapping wings. Nearly two hundred years later, Leonardo da Vinci, a great genius, made sketches for a lot of machines which are now common, including airplanes and helicopters. Most of his machines were never built and many people continued to think that the secret of flying lay in imitating birds.
The first success
It was two French paper bag makers, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier, who made the first aircraft to carry animals, and then men, off the ground. They built a huge paper-lined balloon which they filled with hot air, which rises because it is lighter than ordinary cool air. In 1783 a young scientist flew five and a half miles across Paris in one of these lighter-than-air balloons. The first balloons could not be steered, and could only move along with the wind. It was a hundred years before a steer-able, electrically powered airship flew.
Powered flight
Meanwhile, Sir George Cayley, an Englishman, made a heavier-than-air model glider, basically like a kite, which actually flew in 1804. This was the first true fixed-wing airplane to fly. Cayley eventually built full-sized gliders many years later, in which boys and men rode. W. S. Henson made the first design for a complete powered airplane, although it never flew. Short hops in powered airplanes were made be Felix du Temple (1874), Alexander Mozhaisky (1884) and Clement Ader (189o).
Otto Lilienthal built many successful gliders and enormously improved aircraft design. His machines flew more than two thousand times.

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