Aggressors Volume 3 BY David Anderton Interceptor vs Heavy Bomber

Aggressors Volume 3 BY David Anderton Interceptor vs Heavy Bomber

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Aggressors Volume 3 BY David Anderton Interceptor vs Heavy Bomber
Aggressors Volume 3 Interceptor vs Heavy Bomber BY David Anderton 64 Pages with dust jacket  1991
When British Wellingtons boldly departed England on December 18, 1939, for their third bombing raid of the Second World War, they never expected to encounter such devastating resistance. Before they reached their target of Wilhelmshaven, a major Germar male-ship port, the 22 medium bombers were intercepted by German Messerschmitt Bf109 fighters. The fighters' long-range cannon ripped through their formations, and 12 of the Wellingtons were destroyed. In the process, a long-accepted truth-"the bomber would always get through"- was put into question.
Three years later on the other side of the world, Lt. Col. James H. Doolittle, leading a force of 16 American B-25B medium bombers, executed one of the most daring raids of the war: the bombing of Tokyo. Like the Wellingtons, his force was intercepted by enemy fighters, Japanese Zeros; unlike the British, Doolittle's bombers got through.
How this dramatic turnabout occurred is just one of the many historical elements of INTERCEPTOR vs. HEAVY BOMBER , which recounts the dramatic confrontations between Luftwaffe fighters and B-17s, B-24s, and Lancasters on the European front and the harrowing combat between Japanese fighters and Allied bombers in the Pacific theater.
The third volume in the AGGRESSORS series, INTERCEPTORvs. HEAVY BOMBER is beautifully illustrated with 35 accurate-to-the-last-rivet paintings of Allied and Axis fighters and bombers by aviation artist Rikyu Watanabe. The book also includes more than 50 black-and-white historical photographs and a compelling text by David Anderton, technical editor for AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY and international authority on aviation.
Here, readers will discover the aeronautical advances that led to the P-51 Mustang and B-29 Superfortress, both instrumental in ensuring an Allied victory. They will read how improved technology enabled radar-equipped night fighters to double their contacts with enemy aircraft. They will learn about the ill-fated Large Aerial Mine and Turbinlite system, both abortive efforts to create effective countermeasures against enemy bomber formations.
From the evolution of interceptor tactics to the weapon prototypes developed in desperation by German and Japanese scientists and engineers during the last weeks of the protracted conflict, INTERCEPTOR vs. HEAVY BOMBER captures the suspense, and excitement of aggressors attempting to turn the tide of war through the development of superior weapons and counterweapons.

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