Adventures of Pinocchio, The by C Collodi Soft Cover
Adventures of Pinocchio, The by C Collodi Soft Cover
Adventures of Pinocchio, The by C Collodi Soft Cover
Adventures of Pinocchio, The by C Collodi Soft Cover

Adventures of Pinocchio, The by C Collodi Soft Cover

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Adventures of Pinocchio, The by C Collodi Soft Cover
The Adventures of Pinocchio by C Collodi 1925 309 Pages Reissued 1969 NOTICE the left upper corner is has a small piece cut off.  The bidning edge has a few rough areas.    Inside pages  appear to be clean.  Nice color illustrations on most pages.  
I think I'll call him Pinocchio. This name will make his fortune. I knew a whole family of Pinocchi once-Pinocchio the father, Pinocchia the mother, and Pinocchi the children -and they were all lucky. The richest of them begged for his living.
Geppetto said this to himself as he began to carve the Marionette. Whether his name had anything to do with it or not, Pinocchio was even luckier. He sprang out of the imagination of C. Collodi (the pen name of Carlo Lorenzini) and became a favorite of children at once.
It started in 1881 when the first chapter of La storia di un burratino (as it was then called) appeared in the July 7th issue of a weekly paper for children, Giornale per i bambini. The warmth of the reception could have come from sheer delight in the tale. But its deeply Italian character must have tinged the quick response. After all, Italy had just been united, And here was a story imbued with the spirit of Italian life. Pinocchio was the embodiment of Italian boyhood, capricious and mischievous but at the same time tender and loving. His adventures are like scenes in the commedie dell'arte, where tears and laughter come together, where the play of human feelings underlies the surface of masks and slapstick.
There have been many illustrated editions of Pinocchio. Even the first illustrations, the line drawings by an anonymous artist in the Giornale, caught something of Pinocchio's spirit. And Eugenio Mazzanti who illustrated the admirable first edition (1883) was somewhat indebted to that first artist. Carlo Chiostri who illustrated the second edition, in turn, owed something to Mazzanti. But it was not until the first large edition with illustrations by Attilio Mussino (1911) that the book came into flower. In his introduction to that edition Mussino bowed graciously to Mazzanti and Chiostri, and then to Pinocchio himself who possessed his imagination during the entire year he spent on the drawings. He transformed the book into a large picture book with page after page of pictures equally matched with the text in verve, color and incident. One can almost get the movement of the story from the pictures without reading it.
The Macmillan Company made us all its debtors in 1925 by publishing an American edition in the same format with the same Mussino drawings, and a new translation by Carol Della Chiesa. A generation of American children were able to enjoy this edition until it went out of print.
It is a pleasure to welcome it back, somewhat refurbished, in the same format as the new Italian edition published last year. Some pages have been redesigned, some drawings enlarged, some colors altered, but Mussino's spirit still pervades the book. They are all there as before: the familiar perky profile of Pinocchio, his paper clothes, his bread hat, and his friends good and bad - Geppetto, Master Cherry, the Cat and the Fox, the Carabineers, the Green Fisherman, Fire Eater, the Blue Fairy, and the rest. Evviva!

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