50 Best of PRR, The Book #4 by Bob Lorenz Oversized Book Spiral Bound
50 Best of PRR, The Book #4 by Bob Lorenz Oversized Book Spiral Bound
50 Best of PRR, The Book #4 by Bob Lorenz Oversized Book Spiral Bound

50 Best of PRR, The Book #4 by Bob Lorenz Oversized Book Spiral Bound

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50 Best of PRR, The Book #4 by Bob Lorenz Oversized Book Spiral Bound
50 Best of PRR, The Book #4 by Bob Lorenz Oversized Book Spiral Bound
The 50 Best of Pennsylvania Railroad by Bob Lorenz A Portfolio of the favorite fifty photographs from railfandoms famous brush and lens artist.
Book #4
Book Copy #1099
Spiral Bound
Oversized Book Approx. 13 x 9
Copyright 1979
54 pages
Table Of Contents
The Top1
The Approach2
The Veteran3
The Seat Of Power4
The Elements5
The Grandeur6
The Lair7
If Cars Could Talk8
Water Hole9
Cinder Legacy10
Time For A Change11
With Great Skill13
The Young Die First14
The Ultimate15
First Step17
Point To Ponder18
High Time19
Simple Safety22
Mighty Mouse23
Early Jet26
No Air27
To The Critics28
Missing Engine29
Unknown Soldier30
All Alone31
Trial Balloon32
Big Eye33
Shotgun Marriage36
Classic Angle37
Side View38
East Meets West39
Twin Modes41
Near The End42
Heads And Tails43
The Last Seconds44
Dry Feet47
Old Reliable48
Motor City49
Swift Passage50
Bang, Bang, Bang52

a portfolio of the favorite fifty photographs from railfandom's famous brush and lens artist.

The name of Bob Lorenz is synonymous with railfandom...yet in the face of exposure to all railroading, Bob's favorite remains PRR, a tribute to both his loyalty and Pennsy's aura.
Bob's maternal grandfather, Jacob Mutchler, who was retired with 46 years service on the old Lake Shore & Michigan Southern-New York Central with 16 years service as conductor on The Twentieth Century Limited, introduced Bob to railroading at an early age. Bob accompanied his grandfather on many trips often riding in the caboose or locomotive cab. One memorable trip was a ride on the maiden run of the New York Central's Cleveland-Detroit streamlined Mercury back in 1936.
Bob started photographing trains in the early forties with an inexpensive box camera, then started using a 21/4 x 21/4 reflex and in the fifties purchased a 4x5 graphic. He particularly liked to photograph action and would pick a spot, compose his picture and wait for a train.
After fifteen years as art director of an advertising firm, Bob turned to free lance art and photography specializing in RAILROADS beginning ten years ago.
Bob has had several one-man shows and does assignments for various museums, restaurants, design companies, railroads and individuals and also contributed both photos and cover paintings to railroad books and magazines in the U.S. and England. In addition, in 1969 Bob designed the color scheme for the Golden Spike Centennial Limited for Ross Rowland and High Iron Company of Lebanon, New Jersey. This train traveled from New York City to Promontory, Utah, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the driving of the golden spike. Bob was also curator of the 3 cars of exhibits.
Bob's next project was the interior and exterior color design and actual painting of the Preamble Express which preceded the American Freedom Train on its tour around the country. All of the preliminary art, design and model work in connection with the American Freedom Train was done by Bob along with much of the actual painting of the locomotive and cars. This train toured the country in 1975-76 taking hundreds of items of Americana to the people in celebration of our nation's 200th birthday.
Then for the 150th anniversary of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and Railroading in America, Bob was again called upon to design the color scheme and paint the 22-car train which operated in 1977 and 1978 over the Chessie System as the Chessie Special.

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