1999 Transit Fact Book 50th edition  Soft Cover

1999 Transit Fact Book 50th edition Soft Cover

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1999 Transit Fact Book 50th edition Soft Cover
1999 Transit Fact Book 50th edition  192 pages Soft Cover
The Transit Fact Book was first published in 1943. 1999 is the 50th edition since there were a few years in which the book was not published. Available data are expanded by standard statistical methods to estimate U.S. national totals. All data are for the U.S. only, except for the section on Canada. Data for Canada were provided by the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA), except as noted for fixed guideway data.
This book includes only transit data and excludes taxicab, unregulated jitney, school, sightseeing, intercity, military, and non-public service (e.g., governmental and corporate shuttles), and special application systems (e.g., amusement parks, airports, and international, rural, rural interstate, island, and urban park ferries).
Data are based on the annual National Transit Database (NTD) report published by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). APTA supplements these data with special surveys. Bus and demand response data are calculated based on 1980 U.S. Census Bureau urbanized area population categories; beginning in 1990, urbanized areas designated by the 1990 census are used.
The number of employees is based on the concept of employee equivalents where each employee equivalent is equal to 2,080 labor hours. Beginning in 1993, the number of employees is based on the actual number of persons at the end of the fiscal year. Data are not continuous between 1992 and 1993.
Federal government funding data are based on reports prepared by the United States Department of Transportation.
Because of the time required to compile the large amount of data for this book, data for the last calendar year reported are preliminary and will be refined when additional data become available.

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