Modern Transportation Selected Readings  Farris McElhiney Soft Cover SECOND EDIT

Modern Transportation Selected Readings Farris McElhiney Soft Cover SECOND EDIT

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Modern Transportation Selected Readings Farris McElhiney Soft Cover SECOND EDIT
Modern Transportation Selected Readings  Farris McElhiney Soft Cover SECOND EDITION 1973 466 pages
Modern Transportation: Selected Readings stands as a sequel to, and at the same time independent of, Domestic Transportation, published by Houghton Mifflin in 1966. One of its editors, Martin T. Farris, served as co-editor, with Roy J. Sampson, of the earlier work.
The following readings are provocative. I disagree with the points of view of a dozen or more; agree in part with others; agree in tow with still others. Some of the writers are "needlers"; some lead the student in a gentle fashion to consider perplexing situations.
The book's combination of description, analysis, and prescription points up the interdisciplinary character of the transportation field-the fact, for instance, that today's traffic manager is a business logistician, dealing with such functions as purchasing, transportation, warehousing, and inventory control not as individual and separate processes but as the components of a system. And it brings the student face-to-face with a majority of the issues and problems with which transportation teachers, students, and managers have wrestled since the invention of the wheel.
If the enormity and ubiquity of transportation issues and problems seem overwhelming, we can take courage. We complain of high rates, inability to allocate costs, decadent railroads, automobile congestion, long-haul trucks, pork-barreling for waterways, noisy airplanes, and so forth. Yet, we start the last third of the twentieth century with the most versatile transportation plant  and highest degree of skill in its use - in all of history. (Perhaps our complaints represent, at least in part, the dilemma of choice that usually attends an abundance of riches.) My optimism is not that of a "Pollyanna" - for indeed ton- and passenger-miles of outstanding quality are available in our "affluent" society at record low costs-but my optimism is tempered by the realization that transportation's millenium is not at hand; a lot remains to be done. One of the hopes for this book is that the students who read about the issues and problems it raises will try to solve them.

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