Train Shed Cyclopedia #21 Passenger Cars 1943

Train Shed Cyclopedia #21 Passenger Cars from the 1943 Car Builders’ Cyclopedia 
80 full-size pages reprinted from the original edition. 

New! At one time or another, almost any kind of rolling equipment can be found in the Train
Shed at any major rail terminal. When searching for a name for an open-ended series of 
books about locomotives, rail and passenger cars, and other information of interest to 
rail fans and modelers, the concept of the Train Shed seemed to cover almost any topic 
we might present. Hence the title of this series. While the text and illustrations in the 
various issues will come from a variety of sources, they will have at least two things in 
common. One, each subject will be carefully selected for usefulness. Two, every page 
will be reproduced from an authentic, original railroad publication in the Newton K. Gregg 
collection or on loan from another collection. The original will be identified by publisher, 
date and author (if applicable). Selections of pages will be noted, as will any changes in 
size of reproduction from the original. On the outside back cover are titles in print or in 
preparation. Suggestions for other subjects are welcome: we aim to include in our 
Train Shed all subjects in large enough demand. By excerpting parts of the original books, 
instead of printing them in their entirety, we can maintain flexibility and variety, and 
reproduce valuable works for all to enjoy. 

This volume contains the following information: (Articles) Ultra-Modern Cars for a New Era
in Passenger Travel - Bodies and trucks designed for safety, economy of material, and 
smooth riding - Interior appointments combine utility, comfort and beauty. (Pressed Steel 
Car Company, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA.) ** Deluxe Passenger Cars Built by A,C.F. Optimum in 
coach design features safety and comfort of passengers - 
Light weight of body, 86,660 lbs., Weight of truck 19,680 lbs., 
Weight of Spicer drive truck, 20,120 lbs., total light weight on the rail 126,460 lbs.; 
length over pulling face, 84 ft 8 in.; height floor to ceiling 7 ft. 11-9/16 in., 
seating capacity, 56. ** A.C.F. Light-Weight Passenger Cars - Coaches designed and 
built for the D. & H. notable for comfort and safety -- Alloy steels and special welding 
methods used in fabrication. ** Modern Passenger Train Cars Equipment designed and 
built for Service on Canadian railways (Magor Car Corporation, New York, NY, and 
National steel Car Corporation, Ltd. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) ** Diversified Types of 
Cars Built at St. Louis Plant - Quality Construction Features designs for traction lines 
and railroads (St. Louis Car Company, St. Louis, Missouri) ** Midland Fixtures for 
Baggage, Mail And Express Car Doors - Designed to keep doors operating efficiently 
under all service conditions will last as long as the car (The Midland Company, 
South Milwaukee, Wisconsin) ** Pantasote - for seats and window and vestibule curtains 
(The Pantasote Company, Inc., New York, NY.) ** Heywood-Wakefield Passenger Car 
Seating - Designed for style, comfort, and long service (Heywood-Wakefield Company, 
Gardner, Mass.) ** Types of Passenger Cars Covered: Coaches, N.Y.C, -- coaches, 
Pennsylvania Railroad - D & H Coach - Coaches, D & H & Southern - Coaches, NYNH&H, 
B & M - Coach and Combination, Can. Pac. - Coaches, A.T. & S.F. - Coaches A.C.L. - 
Coaches, C & O - Floor plans, Coaches - Combination Passenger Cars - Coaches N & W - 
Grill Coach, Chair Car - Pendulum de luxe Chair Car - Chair car, Union Pacific - Lounge - 
NYC LOUNGE- OBSERVATION - Chair-coach & Club Lounge Santa Fe - Parlor and 
Observation, So. Pac. - D & H Diner-Lounge - D. L. & W. dining and Buffet - Dining Cars - 
Dining Cars Pennsylvania Railroad - Sleeping Cars - Sleeping and Business Cars - 
Troop sleeper - Floor plans, sleeping cars - Northern Pacific Business Car - 
Baggage and Express Cars - Horse-Express - Baggage and Horse-Express - 
Baggage and Express - Express Mail - Frames and Ends - Platform, Vestibule - 
Vestibule, Steps - Trap Doors - Dining Car Equipment  

Train Shed Cyclopedia #21 Passenger Cars 1943
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