The Voyage of Ulysses - The Sirens by Alan Brunettin.

The Voyage of Ulysses - -The Sirens- by Alan Brunettin. The Second issue in this series. Crafted in solid lapis-blue Incolay cameo stone at the Incolay Studios of California. Produced in the year 1985.
Plate size approx 8.25 inches. Suggested Retail $100.00.

The Voyage of Ulysses: The hero
faces an epic temptation

Ulysses has plugged the ears of his crew so they cannot hear the maidens' song. He alone, bound hand and foot to the mast, dares to Listen. The Sirens are irresistible. And deadly: no man before Ulysses has heard their enchanting voices or beheld their perfect beauty—and lived. For the blind Greek poet Homer, they are dread embodiments of the dark, destructive side of love. Now sculptor Alan Brunettin captures their fierce seductive power in the enduring medium of cameo-carved Incolay Stone. -The Sirens- is a searing image of one man's struggle with, and triumph over, the temptations of the flesh.

The Voyage of Ulysses - The Sirens by Alan Brunettin.
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