The Companion Series - Shepherds by Gregory Perillo.

The Companion Series - Shepherds by Gregory Perillo. Featuring Native American children and their friends. Kern Collectibles, 1980. Limited Edition of 5,000 plates. Plate size approx 8.25 inches. Suggested Retail $80.00.

The Companion Series by Gregory Perillo is an outstanding tribute to the American Indian culture by one of the premier Indian and Western artists of our time.

It is interesting to mention that this particular collection ƒ?? which is the artist's first-ever porcelain series of any kind ƒ?? is the result of actual real-life experiences.

Years ago when Perillo realized that an artistic career is what he wanted more than anything in the world, he set out to travel throughout the United States to observe and familiarize himself with as many Indian tribes as possible. He was delighted to find that he was welcomed by them all, and through intense study, was able to document their tribal customs, mode of dress, and feelings.

Thus, it is this documented experience that Perillo brings to the Companion Series. Concentrating his efforts on Indian children and their animal friends, Perillo, through his artistic genius, has succeeded in capturing the strong spirit and pride of the Indian nation through the eyes of children.

Shepherds is the fifth and final plate in this historic collection, a series which many think will go down in collector-plate history as one of the best ever. Even now, certain issues in the series have been completely sold out and appreciated in value over 100 percent above original issue price.

The Companion Series is, indeed, Gregory Perillo at his finest.

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