Rodeo Girl by Donald Zolan 1994

Zolan's own Story about his miniature lithograph! -- To me, the little girl in this picture is all innocence and curiosity. She's at a rodeo, maybe her first one, and there are about two million things to be curious about at a rodeo. She's standing by an old fence, sticking her head partway through the railings to see well. She's safe here but still close to everything. Her eyes are big and wide and not blinking at all. She's pushing her fingers into the railing and holding her left cheek on it to get a steady view I even tried to make her look as if she's standing on tiptoes to see better. I used old, weathered, rough-cut railings to bring out how young and innocent she is. She's a little newcomer here. The fence has been around a while. She's in a plain plaid jacket and her hair is a little wind-blown to give her a tomboy look. I wanted her to seem to belong in this country setting. I filled the picture with sunshine, weeds and a few wildflowers to add to the country feeling. I wanted people to be able to imagine big farmhouses and pastures with horses close by. She'll grow like a little wildflower herself and next year she may be big enough to sit on the top railing to watch the rodeo. I imagine she'll come and see the rodeo each year because the rodeo is part of the West, and so is this little girl. -- This is a framed miniature Lithograph numbered A1451 issured for the Zolan Society members only 1994. Colector price $49.95. Size 8.5 by 6.5 inches. Lithograph -- Pemberton & Oakes

Rodeo Girl by Donald Zolan 1994
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