Pathways of the Heart Collection Peaceful Evening

Pathways of the Heart Collection -- -Peaceful Evening- by Jesse Barnes. The Bradford Exchange production 1993. This is the sixth issue in this series. Plate size is approx 8 inches. Suggested Retail $60.00.

Autumn's vermillion palette fills this peaceful scene with shimmering splendor. Along a winding river, a steam train chugs steadfastly on its way. A boy and his grandfather have caught a fish so big, it bends the pole; perhaps it will be a tasty addition to the supper cooking inside a warmly lit frame home.

In -Peaceful Evening,- sixth and last plate in the Pathways of the Heart collection, artist Jesse Barnes takes us to a place so idyllically beautiful, we never want to leave.

Mr. Barnes's skillful handling of light and shadow makes -Peaceful Evening- an autumnal masterpiece. The woods seem afire with scarlet; the corn shocks shimmer in pale
yellows, and the river seems a pathway of liquid gold. And the darkly graceful trees and earthy riverbank stand in striking contrast to the blazing colors created by the fall sunset. One easily understands why Jesse Barnes is widely
acclaimed as The Light Painter.

It is poignantly appropriate that this exceptional collection should close with a sunset. -Peaceful Evening- is not only a celebration of light and shadow, it's an excellent concluding issue to the Pathways of the Heart series as well.
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