Legends of Baseball Babe Ruth: The Called Shot by Brent Benger

The Legends of Baseball -- -Babe Ruth: The Called Shot by Brent Benger. The first issue in a collection portraits of baseball's immortal players. Delphi 1992. Base ball card. Plate size approx 8 inches. Suggested retail $60.00

History's most talked-about home run leads off The Legends of Baseball collection.
They're the legends of the game. Storied names you heard as a child and whose deeds on the diamond you will remember forever. Now they take the field once again on fine porcelain, swatting homers, stealing bases, and firing bullets past dangerous sluggers.
The Legends of Baseball collection, the first baseball plate series ever recommended by the Bradford Exchange, captures history's most legendary ballplayers in dramatic scenes from their fabulous careers. Now, for the first time, you can collect them all on limited-edition plates bearing the Delphi hallmark and create your own wall of fame.
-Babe Ruth: The Called Shot-
* * *
It was game three of the 1932 World Series. A tie ball game. Slugger Babe Ruth at hat with two strikes and the Wrigley Field crowd howling for one more.
The Cub bench and crowd had been riding Babe all through the game, and now it was time for the big man to respond. Defiantly he raised one thick finger and pointed it toward pitcher Charlie Root and the center field wall.
The howls increased as Root took a deep breath on the mound, wound up and delivered a bullet. Sixty feet away Babe uncoiled at home plate, his big bat meeting that pitch with a force that knocked the air out of 50,000 screaming throats. The center fielder took two steps back and then could only watch in disbelief as the baseball crashed deep into the bleachers, right about where Babe had pointed.
And Babe, as great a showman as he was a slugger, rounded the bases with a big smile on his face, offering a deep bow to the Cub dugout he had finally silenced.
All the drama and glory of this storied event, history's most talked-about home run, is now captured by artist Brent Benger and re-created on fine porcelain bearing the Delphi hallmark in -Babe Ruth: The Called Shot.-
Witness Babe Ruth's classic home run swing and the look in Babe's eyes as he follows his home run blast. In the jam-packed Wrigley Field grandstand, the well-dressed crowd stirs, mouths agape, stunned by the blow. And the Cub dugout, so boisterous before the pitch, now appears shocked, all eyes watching the longest home run in Wrigley Field history, a blast that was to crush Chicago's World Series hopes.
-Babe Ruth: The Called Shot- is a wonderful retelling of one of baseball's greatest and most memorable stories. This dramatic work of art on fine porcelain rimmed in gold is sure to become a real conversation piece in
your home. But it's only the beginning—Plate One in an exceptional limited-edition baseball collection. You're invited to reserve a spot on your wall of fame for the next batter up in The Legends of Baseball collection—available soon from Delphi.

Rimmed in 22-karat gold. In full color on fine porcelain. Endorsed by the Family of Babe Ruth and Babe Ruth Baseball League, Inc.
Hand-numbered with a correspondingly numbered Certificate of Authenticity
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