Lady White by Master Artist Jiang Xue-Bing

Lady White is the beginning of a series inspired by one of the region's most beloved folktales. The series, Legends of West Lake,manufactured by Imperial Ching, 1989. Plate size approx. 8.5 inches. Suggested retail #85.00.

Lady White rises out of West Lake, an immortal in human form: the story of Broken Bridge on willow-shaded Bia Causeway.

The ancient legend of Lady White tells of a small white snake living beneath West Lake's Broken Bridge, who envies the Humans strolling Happily above her.

In a Sudden, Butterfly-like metamorphosis, she is transformed into Lady White: at once a woman who experiences love, marriage, even motherhood, and an honoured immortal who is worthy of a seat in heaven. Her mortal husband is shocked when he discovers her true origins. But so great is the love between them, that eventually he is able to accept her background, and forever remains devoted to her.

Lady White by Master Artist Jiang Xue-Bing
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