Cracker Jack Train Green 5 pcs 1960's $66 value

Cracker Jack Train Green 5 pcs 1960's $66 value
It's a blast from the Past! This is the Cracker Jack premium that you could never collect all of the pieces. Now, the risk is gone. The price is higher, but you cannot buy a box of cracker jacks for a quarter either! 
This is a treat for those Kids that have accidentally become adults. It is a part of the past that you can share with your kids, or if you are willing to admit it, Grandkids! But we do know that you are not old enough to have those. Right! This Cracker Jack premium from the 1960's consists of 5 plastic pieces. All red in color. The steam locomotive, tender, boxcar, tanker and caboose complete this collection. A must have for the Cracker Jack or railroad collector in your family. Like new. According to the book, Cracker Jack Toys by Larry White, page 146, the value of this set is $66.
A red set is also available. 

I was told these were made in the 1990s. The originals were usually a swirl of colors according to that source. Use your judgment; I don’t know enough about them. They are a fun item to have for the price either way.

Cracker Jack Train Green 5 pcs 1960's $66 value
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