Country Kitten by Donald Zolan 1993

Zolan's own Story about his miniature lithograph! -- I've painted pictures of little girls with cats many times so in "Country Kitten" I show a boy with a kitten. Although the boy is still very young, he looks big next to something so small and vulnerable. I put a lot of softness in the picture because these two are meeting for the first time. The boy is kneeling in the grass, leaning forward with his head tilted and touching the kitten with only the tips of his fingers. These two are out by an old wagon. The kitten is staying close to the wagon wheel for safety. Now, with the boy's gentle touch, the kitten will really feel safe. It seems to sense this and is probably rewarding the boy with non-stop purring. The boy is a farm boy with his blue and white checkered shirt, blue jeans and sneakers. He probably knows a lot about animals. Certainly he knows how to make this kitten feel safe and secure. It was fun painting the gentle side of an active boy. One small kitten has brought his tender heart out into the open. -- This is a framed miniature Lithograph numbered A0147 issured for the Zolan Society members only 1993. Suggested retail $49.95. Size 8.5 by 6.5 inches. Lithograph -- Pemberton & Oakes

Country Kitten by Donald Zolan 1993
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