Baskets of Love collection Katie & Kelly by Alexei Isakov

Baskets of Love collection, -Katie & Kelly- by Alexei Isakov. Sixth issue in this series. Bradford Exchange, 1993. Plate size approx. 8.25 inches. Suggested retail $50.00.

Two wide-eyed kittens peer out of an old-fashioned wicker basket at their new home. You can almost read the questions in their eyes. What is this strange place? And why are we here?

No doubt all these questions will fade from mind as soon as a bowl of warm milk, a fragrant catnip toy or two, and a pair of loving arms appear to give them a proper welcome.

In -Katie & Kelly,- Plate Six in his enchanting Baskets of Love collection, artist Alexei Isakov gives us a portrait of two adorable long-hair kittens — one a fluffy Scottish bent-ear tortoise and the other an orange tabby.

Once more, Mr. Isakov demonstrates his remarkable ability to breathe life into his art. The almond eyes, the fuzzy fur, the fine whiskers are so true to life, you long to reach into the portrait to pet these perky charmers.

It's an easy bet that Katie & Kelly will be taken into their new home with great enthusiasm. Just as you can welcome their -Katie & Kelly- portrait by Alexei Isakov into your home, as re-created on fine porcelain, to enjoy over and over again.

The creation of the fine collector's plate you have just acquired and whose authenticity is certified by this document is the result of work by an international cadre of skilled artisans. After the plate art was created in the United States, a fine ceramic transfer, incorporating pigments carefully chosen to faithfully re-create the vibrant beauty of the artist's original, was created in France and Germany and permanently fired into the fine Japanese porcelain plate body at more than 1,460° Fahrenheit by talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the United States.
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