Appeal to the Thunder by Bill Jaxon.

Appeal to the Thunder Even as a young man, the great Kiowa shaman-warrior, Mamanti ... "Sky Walker" in the white man's tongue ... had the gift of Sight. Legends tell of a terrible drought that swept across the Plains, the grass turning to dust, the dust to choking whirlwinds. The people fell sick with thirst, and could not follow the buffalo that was their life. The entire Kiowa nation was in peril. Sky Walker gathered his most powerful totems ... the painted buffalo skull, the ceremonial lance topped with an eagle skull rattle and feathers, his whole buffalo headdress, his woven sash of the elite Koitsenko warrior society, and the tribal medicine bag filled with sacred objects... and stood upon a tumble of rocks for three days, fasting and praying for salvation to the gods of thunder, lightning, wind and rain. On the evening of the third day, massive billows of storm clouds roiled across the endless sky. The buffalo hide tip is flapped in the wind, and the god of thunder growled his answer to Sky Walker's plea in a deafening roar. Only Sky Walker's mystic Sight could see the blinding white forks of lightning dance from the finger tips of the god with a searing crackle of power. The heavens opened and the rains came ... and the Kiowa nation rejoiced!

Appeal to the Thunder by Bill Jaxon.
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