Ancient Seasons collection Edge of Night by Mark Silversmith.

The Ancient Seasons collection, Edge of Night by Mark Silversmith. First issue in the series. Bradford Exchange, 1995. Plate size approx. 8 inches. Suggested Retail $50.00.

The day has turned into night as it has since Grandmother Spider spun sun and moon across the sky to keep darkness at bay forever.

The ceaseless north wind sweeps plumes of snow from the mountaintops, eerily luminescent in the gathering night. Grim Winter has his iron grip on the land, and will only yield to the dew-sweet smiles of lovely Spring.

Standing Crow's appaloosa horse founders for a moment in a deceptively deep drift of snow, but surges free easily. He is late. The people will already be gathered for the evening entertainment. The storyteller promised to relate the tale of Winter and Spring and their ever-reborn love. He learned the tale at his grandfather's fire, and he from his grandfather's. Thus the unwritten story is passed on unbroken through timeƒ??never to he lost unless the ways of the Indian utterly perish from the Earth.

The awesome rhythm of the changing seasons was life to the Native American Indians. Their ancient kinship with Nature is powerfully depicted in the skilled brushstrokes of Navajo artist Mark Silversmith in this remarkable new plate series, The Ancient Seasons.

The creation of the fine collector's plate you have just acquired and whose authenticity is certified by this document is the result of work by an international cadre of skilled artisans. After the plate art was created in the United States, a fine ceramic transfer, incorporating pigments carefully chosen to faithfully re-create the vibrant beauty of the artist's original, was created in France and Germany and permanently fired into the fine Japanese porcelain plate body at more than 1,460?ø Fahrenheit by talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the United States.

Ancient Seasons collection Edge of Night by Mark Silversmith.
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