A Country Wonderland Collection Soft Morning Glow

A Country Wonderland Collection, -Soft Morning Glow- by Wilhelm J. Goebel. Fifth issue in this series. Bradford Exchange, 1996. Plate size approx 8.5 by 6.0 inches. Suggested Retail $50.00.

Snow lies deep in the countryside as dawn softly steals its way into the sky. Its soft golden glow casts shadows on the hills in the distance, and on the path created by small boots trudging into the wee country schoolhouse. The flag atop a long, slender pole flaps proudly in the icy winter wind.

Inside, the children have already pledged allegiance to the flag and are reading their morning lessons aloud for the teacher. All grades are represented, for the little community is too remote to join the large consolidated school. A wood stove glows in the corner, its heat making the small room cozy.

On the snow-laden branches of a spruce tree across the way, two cardinals sweeten the air with their whistling song. The male, red as fire against the glittering snow, leads the duet with his softer hued mate following suit.

It is easy to imagine that those
children who are nearest to the windows can hear the cardinals' song, and are trying to get a glimpse of their feathered friends.

Once again, Wilhelm J. Goebel awakens your imagination with -Soft Morning Glow,- newest plate in his charming collection.

The creation of the fine collector's plate you have just acquired and whose authenticity is certified by this document is the result of work by an international cadre of skilled artisans. After the plate art was created in the United States, a fine ceramic transfer, incorporating pigments carefully chosen to faithfully re-create the vibrant beauty of the artist's original, was created in France and Germany and permanently fired into the fine Japanese porcelain plate body at more than 1,460° Fahrenheit by talented craftsmen and craftswomen in the United States
A Country Wonderland Collection Soft Morning Glow
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